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FAQ - Crack


Frequently Asked Questions
Aug 30, 2008
Frequently Asked Questions About Crack

1. What is crack?

Crack is cocaine hcl that has been liberated from it's hcl molecule. This is done so that it can be effectively smoked.

2. Why do you have to make crack, in order to smoke cocaine?

Cocaine hcl is mostly destroyed when you apply heat to it. By converting it to a freebase, you give it a vaporization point that allows it to be effectively consumed when you apply heat to it.

3. How do I make crack?

HOW TO MAKE CRACK (A primer by Deus. v1.0)
First you will need:
  • Stove
  • Ammonia - ***IMPORTANT*** CLEAR AMMONIA!
  • glass vial
  • small jar to hold vial (baby food works well)
  • eye dropper
  • distilled water (preferable)
The process:
  • Ok, take your coke and dissolve it in a few mL of water (you don't need much, but make sure the coke is fully dissolved) in your vial.
  • Fill your small baby food jar with water and put it in a pan on the stove thats also filled with water. Put your vial filled with coke+water in the baby food jar.
  • Heat the solution until its warm/hot but not so hot that it would hurt to put your finger in it.
  • Add drop by drop ammonia to the vial, you will notice a milky white precipitate form. This is the crack (or what ravers call freebase).
  • Continue until you see no more precipitate form.
  • (OPTIONAL) Ether is not necessary, but if your so inclined add the ether to the vial. The crack precipitate is not soluble in water but it is soluble in the ether. This step ensures greater purity. But its not necessary.
  • Syphen off the white layer of precipitate (that will be floating on the top) off with an eyedropper, or pipette, or whatever fits your fancy. If you used ether, syphen off the ether layer.
  • Put it on a clean dry surface and let the precipitate dry. Scrape up the substance after it dries. This is your crack. If you want to be creative you could put the precipitate into molds and make some nice crackrocks.

4. What's the difference between crack and freebase?

I'm glad you asked. There isn't really a difference in crack and freebase. The only difference, is the method in which the hcl molecule is liberated from the cocaine molecule. Weather baking soda, or ammonia is used to form freebase, is irrelevant. Both will yield cocaine freebase. You might be left with a residual amount of baking soda if you use that method, but the amount will be miniscule. The term freebase is used either by people who want to be technical, or by people that don't want to be crackheads

5. How much should I smoke?

Start off small, and judge how much you are going to need. I would say 50mg at most to start.

6. How do you smoke crack?

Well, first you are going to need a pipe. You can make one out of those little rose tubes they sell at convenience stores. Remove the ends, and put a small piece of brillow pad in the end, so you don't get a mouthful of melted crack. Put your crack in the end, apply a flame to it, and inhale slowly. Hold it in for about 5-10 seconds, and exhale.

7. How do you prepare crack for IV administration?
(Please note that this author does not reccomend the use of IV drugs, as it is very dangerous)

When preparing crack for IV administration, you have to use something that converts the crack back into a water soluble substance. Some people use citric acid powder, while some people use vinegar. Both will work, however you need to make sure you keep things nice and clean, and only use distilled white vinegar. Do not use ANY type of fruit juice. Doing such could introduce dangerous bacteria into your bloodstream. Using anything other than sterile citric or ascorbic acid is not recommended.
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