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Story "Fanny and Dick" - A Play


Apr 29, 2018
Act Two, Scene One.

Backstory: Dick finally gets to see Fanny at his naval base. Fanny hasn't seen Dick since war broke out. Dick is desperate for Fanny.

Fanny: Dick!
Dick: Fanny! I'm so glad you came!
Fanny: I'm very wet, Dick!
Dick: Yes, it is raining rather heavily at the moment. Shall we take tea?
Fanny: Yes, lets! I could do with something warm inside me.
Dick: An iced finger?
Fanny: I'd prefer to stuff myself with a spotted dick, Dick. Though, feel free to have a finger yourself.
Dick: Oh, gosh it's hard, Fanny
Fanny: Hard, dick?
Dick: I wish this damn of a war would end.
Fanny: But what about the Navy? You've done such heroic things with your seamen!
Dick: I don't give a damn about them! I toss in my bunk every night thinking about us. I want to discharge myself over you, Fanny.
Fanny: Oh, Dick!
Dick: Oh, Fanny! I have to go now. I need to come into the officers mess.
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