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Factors That Make Each MDMA Batch and Experience Unique


Sep 8, 2018
This MDMA takes 30-45 minutes to come up. Slow, relaxed, sleepy feeling. You don't really peak from 100 mg, you need more. No way I would dance, I'd rather lay around with a blanket. It starts to wear off faster. The comedowns are totally different. Comedowns are physical with nausea, indigestion, dizziness, and malaise but little moodiness or depression. No way I could even consider taking more than 3 (and even 3 is pushing it), because the physical sickness of the comedown would be too much. Friends have said the same thing, and they have also commented on the lack of specific things like eye dilation and eye shaking.
I could not agree more with you on this!
I have been doing MDMA since 2010 roughly 4 times a year, but the stuff I was getting then was amazing with all of the desired effects, little to no comedown and I remember wanting to go for walks, not to mention the eye wobbles and the jaw chattering. This all from 100-150mg.

Now, I have exactly what you are describing especially really bad come downs with vomiting and feeling sick for two days along with dizziness and fevers.
I generally have to take 200-250mg to feel even remotely on that level and even then the love/euphoria is majorly toned down, no teeth chattering, eye movements, no intense come ups.. infact I feel relaxed and tired after a while even with redosing through the night.

A year ago however I took 100mg from a batch I had not had, all tested and what not, I had work the next day and didn't want to have a big night.
Absolutely got smashed! I was struggling not to vomit the come up was very intense, the love and euphoria all come back to myself and after all the times previous I thought i'd just 'lost the magic' but I don't believe that's true. Batches are different for whatever reason we hope to find out soon but something has changed it all can't be blamed on the fact of tolerence.