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Recruiting Experienced consumers of novel substances wanted for GRASP (Global Research and Analysis of new Substances Project)


Dec 9, 2018
I did send an email but got no answer, how long it took to get a reply for you guys?
Did you get an answer? Im on verge of sending them message, but not entirely convinced and don't want to waste time composing detailed email for nothing.


Director of Research
Mar 12, 2002
Castlemaine, Australia
Hi folks. A message from the researchers heading this study:

Right now the study is doing very good, have a much bigger engagement from bluelight, with a total of 150 applications that resulted in 50 consolidated participants that have sent about 60 samples, from which 15 have been fully reported on.
Go Bluelight!!! :)


Oct 27, 2018
Right next to your door
Because while i participate on Bluelight to the extent of assisting with harm reduction with personal experience, i have concluded that such collected information whether attained with good nature or to condemn, usually in some way shape or form is either misconstrude from public documents, or shared and leaked where they're formulated in a particular way that makes the substance(s) that are subject to the study regarded in some way a negative light, and while i can respect the entire aspect or EC-I i have vowed never to contribute to the prohibition nor banning of substances due to potential risks, even those that may be extremely fatal such as carfentanil etc, while i believe some control should be exerted to a certain extent, i also can't possibly contribute towards the potential positive aswell as tenative negative outcome of the review/study and whom else has access to and or uses the information acquired, i'll consider this when i'm not extremely intoxicated, i can't possibly make any decisions in my condition except for finding a way to drink more water
Stay safe Zonxx