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Help Every heard of Hydromorphone 8mg imprinted as "DD/8"

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Sep 6, 2020
I have done a ton of research to figure out what these pills I have are...My best (educated) guess is they were stolen from a clinical trial, because I can not ID them anywhere. However, the two trials I found numbers to don't correspond back to the imprint on the triangular white pills, with DD on one side and 8 on the other, with a score down the middle. I suspect they are a type of ER version with new abuse deterrent technology, that hasn't been approved. I need to find a way to bypass the technology so I can process into a solution I can inject subcutaneously. Which I have done for years with the prescription meds my doc gives me for pain. Its a long story but essentially I lost the most wonderful pain doc, my new one cut my dose down by 70%, not tapered, cut....I have a connective tissue disease which keeps my body from producing collagen. Collagen being the building block of our bodies, is extremely important to maintain the integrity of bone, skin, muscle, you name it...My body is deteriorating at rapid speed. After my stomach began to tear, my intestines began to prolapse. I told my new doc but her only concern was getting me under the CDC Guidelines and then off meds altogether.

I switched docs once again and this doc only handles chronic pain, no new pain and no new issues. NM has a shortage of MD's, we are a nurse practitioner state really and I have been turned away by many, either because I am on pain med mgt or I am just too complicated for their comfort level. I take hgh subcutaneously and figured I could delay the break down of tissue in my GI and intestines if I avoided that route altogether. Pain meds can be rough on your stomach and bowels....So I taught myself the proper method for turning my hydromorphone prescription pills into a sterile solution. It works wonders and I can't function without it. I use bacteriostatic water, a wheel filter (the finest to filter everything out) sterile vials and new insulin pins, always.

I also buy supplemental hydromorphone. I could not jump from 316mme to 80mme in a month. It was cruel and negligent for any doctor to think I could, after 7 years of med mgt. I bought 240 of these unidentifiable pills, that looked pharma, came packaged pharma but neither he or I can determine who makes these pills. If I knew what abuse deterrent technique was used, I could perhaps bypass and make my solution....but for the life of me I just can't figure it out!!! Has anyonr ever see or heard of this type of hydromorphone??
Any new info could really help!!
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Sep 5, 2010
The best thing to do would be to test them, first with a fentanyl strip and then with a reagent or lab test. This subforum is specifically for help interpreting results and we cannot identify a drug based on the appearance of pills, nor identify a manufacturer based on this.
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