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RCs ETIZOLAM for sleep only


Jan 18, 2019
Insomnia for 2.5years since stopping ssri meds, and I realised that I’ve been using 2mg nightly of etizolam for sleep with change in sleep patterns or early wake ups etc, one of the main things of noticed is I still dream the as much before my ssri days , I’m suprised no tolerance has built up , it’s not used for any other purpose then sleep and I try to take same time 9pm and by 10pm I’ve had messages on my etc so I guess it takes a hour to work , I’m far from pushing meds, but consistently sleeping is better then insomnia .
I won’t name brands other then etizolam


Aug 25, 2019
Na much safer those one are strictly for sleep there's also doxepin and seroquel Seroquel at 450 mg works great for my sleep

Benzo addiction is worse than a heroin addiction so remember that first 10 nights u need 1mg then next ten days that don't work so you go up n up n then your hooked

At least that's how it went with everyone I know including myself

Just my opinion


Jul 3, 2009
It's actually for schizophrenia but is prescribed off label for sleep it's an antipsychotic
I don't think seroquel is all that useful for full-blown schizophrenia, since it mostly lacks the ability to block dopamine receptors. On the other hand, its ability to block serotonin receptors does make it a popular, relatively well-tolerated mood stabilizer.

As a sleep med it is often overkill though, unless your insomnia is related to other mental health issues (the drug is commonly used as an adjunct to SSRI treatment in anxious depressive patients).

Wilson Wilson

Moderator: BDD, OD
Staff member
Aug 6, 2014
Yeah Seroquel is massive overkill for sleep.

Ambien (zolpidem) is a z-drug designed just for sleep and although it's GABAergic just like etizolam and regular benzos I've found it causes much less problems with addiction (likely due to it being very selective for specific sub-receptors) and it is very effective for sleep.

That said, using absolutely any drug every night for sleep will cause issues down the line when you come off it. Perhaps the least problematic option would be a sedating strain of cannabis. But any pharma sleeper is going to cause a level of dependence if used every single night.

Since your insomnia only cropped up after using SSRI's maybe it's a good idea to try tapering down the etiz dose then seeing how well you sleep without anything. If you've been doing this for a while hopefully you've gotten over all SSRI withdrawal and can sleep normally.


Aug 25, 2019
Seroquill is great for sleep I also take an ndri

Seroquill is an antiphycotic and schizophrenia it works great for insomnia

It's not a cure by any means

Also another antiphycotic that works for sleep and schizophrenia it's called doxepin I thing that how you spell it

I currently take 1350mg of lithium carbonate
I take Wellbutrin xl 150mg
And 450mg of Seroquel
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