Elections- Best HR party.


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Dec 12, 2006
Melbourne - Does it best.
Well this isn't intended to be a political debate thread but I thought I would share what I consider to be the best of the larger Partys to vote for solely based on there HR policy. Please avoid non HR related discussion however any other input I may have missed is more than welcome.

After spending almost two days reading and contacting the representatives from many party's, One stands out amongst the rest (there were a few tiny party's that realistically won't hold any power)

The one I was most impressed with was LDP (Liberal Democrats) For those that don't know much about them firstly despite the name they are completely separate to the Liberal Party. They include legalization of Marijuana in all states, Pill testing for all states, Decriminalization of "possession" ammounts of most illicit drugs and restrictions on how drug detector dogs are used at events.

Also legalisation of Airsoft/BB Guns hehe 😁👍