DXM (4th Plateau) - Experienced - [Angels]


Aug 10, 2018
Midwest USA
Back in like 2011 I went to the pharmacy cuz I was bored and bought 3 bottles of DXM with nothing else in it and the pharmacists were like "Why the hell do you need so much?" and I was like "My family has a cold." and I go home and chug 2 bottles really quick and by the time I'm done with the second bottle I feel weird. I felt sort of detached from reality and drunk at the same time. I walk out into the living room and my mom and stepdad are sitting on the couch watching TV and my brother's upstairs.

I decide I'm going to roll a cigarette and as I'm walking I feel like I'm made of wood. They say something to me and I say something back (Don't remember lol) and I remember my stepdad grabbing me and throwing me onto my bed. But I didn't care I lay there for five minutes and walk back out to roll a cig again and this time I feel like I'm made of metal (like the tinman from Wizard of Oz) and I get thrown onto my bed again. This process keeps repeating and I can't get the thought of rolling a cigarette out of my head.

After about 10 times of him throwing me on my bed they close the door and this time I just lay there in the dark. At this point, without even having realized anything was moving before at all, the room is literately spinning around me (Things in the room are flying around me in a vortex and I feel like I'm in the eye of a hallucinogenic hurricane) but I don't really care that it's happening.

Suddenly three Angels with light green robes materialize in front of me out of nowhere and they're glowing super brightly in my pitch black room. I feel like two of them are my deceased grandmothers and one of them is my aunt who had recently passed away. They told me that the secret to life is to live through love and that the key to happiness is love. Then they disappeared and I watched the hallucinations for a while and finally passed out.

Suffice to say my mom and stepdad were pretty pissed off at me when I woke up. ;)

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Jan 26, 2018
DXM is amazing. It's also the most mentally and physically painfull drug I've ever done. When you're finally able to remeber ecery detail, you may recall feeling like you were insainly sick during the come up, and that you couldn't breath super consistently throughout the experience. Not to mention how it completely looses any modicum of being worth it after just a few trips, while leaving the craving for more intact.

I know you said this was in 2011. You probably wouldn't be alive if you were still doing it, so I'll asume you're not. Never the less, be carfull. There is no such thing as a safe drug, but DXM is on the other end of the spectrum.