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Dumbest shit drug addicts say


Bluelight Crew
Aug 8, 2018
New England
I'm sure i say a lot of dumb shit too.

But today i met a girl who told me "smoking crack is like therapy to me".

One of my good friends who lives in a tent in the woods told me recently "meth and heroin give me super powers".

My other friend told me that in his comatose states after smoking K2/spice he talks to god about his deepest desires and insecurities.



Jan 20, 2009
Haha. In my experience it's only had to do with high quality versus low quality drugs. I remember going with a group of friends of whom the leader of the group I knew for picking up street quality cocaine which was terrible, like for having more caffeine than cocaine in a bag

Anyway it was priceless this one time because I had an idea to pick up some crystal meth from a friend on the way back to my place. After we picked up, we parked in a parking lot across the street and when he snorted a huge amount out of his hand, the look on his face changed for good and I was glad

I thought that was funny because he acted like he didn't think anything would happen and he was nice to me every time after that. I remember him saying he'd get geeked out on cocaine, whatever that means. I was actually surprised the first time I did cocaine (it was good) since it calmed me down so much

I also hate when people act like retards on mj like they can't take responsibility for themselves. There's no excuse for being retarded in my opinion. I've smoked a lot before driving and working and it didn't affect me at all


Aug 29, 2019
You need to be on invega because you may go back to like you were before. -Every crackhead psychiatrist