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Drug experiences


Jul 7, 2019
What’s up everyone I’m pretty new to this thread shit so I guess I’ll say the basics I’m 16 years old and have been using meth on a once or twice a month basis for like 4 months which doesn’t seem bad but mind I would smoke like a gram to an 8 ball and stay up for like 6 days straight haha never thought I would be a meth head but shit happens I guess anyways fast forward to a few days ago haven’t been able to find any because my supply cut me off and mom finds my meth pipe ? yeah so had a bit of explaining to do but now everyone in my family knows I’m a meth head. Anyway I wanna hear some crazy experiences and any support on how to stay clean because once I find a new supply I know I won’t be able to resist it ? other than seeing shadow people and going nuts and not being able to sleep after 5 days I really don’t have any.


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Feb 14, 2010
hey welcome to BL and, more specifically, TDS. This isn't really the place to be sharing crazy drug stories, although I'm sure others have plenty of wild ones to share. Chances are most the ones you'll hear here in TDS are the horrific, gone wrong, scared=straight, or super dark end of the line type stores.

You're 16, body is still young and recovers quickly, more able to handle the abuse you put it through. Doesn't mean it's smart, nor does it mean you won't experience a lot of negative long term consequences down the line. One of the biggest most prevalent problems that people with addiction must face is that they come to in the late 20's or 30's(or later) and realize they've wasted the last few decades, when all their friends were out growing, maturing, developing healthy long term relationships, and life and work skills. A lot of us wake up, when we finally do get sober, feeling like children or teen stuck in an adult body with adult responsibilities.

I know you're laughing now at the danger, and probably get a bit of a thrill and rush by the fact that you were able to escape unscathed. Or at least it seems. But be warned.... unless you take some serious action to make changes... this will be just the beginning. Not long you'll be looking back at this moment and see where the paths diverged, but you won't be able to go back.

As far as practical advice on staying clean... first, ditch or put some serious distance between you and anyone using drugs or partying. Second, find something you are truly passionate about- whether art, sports, studying, drawing, hiking, working... whatever, just has to be productive and not drug related. Third, and probably the most important, is don't try to hide the drug use/addiction- let it be known, have people hold you accountable, and best yet, find a group of like minded people who are orientated on getting and staying sober.

Staying up for days at a time and seeing shadow people may be a thrill for you know, but what you are experiencing is actually the beginning stages/mild stimulant psychosis. It can get much more intense, and start to be triggered by things other than drug use. Sometimes it takes weeks or months to come out of a psychosis, and it can be the most horrifying experience ever(based on my experience at least). The mind is a resilient, but it is also fragile and not something to just be toyed with recklessly.

Take care of yourself my dude. Don't waste all your potential trying to chase frivolous thrills.

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Jan 27, 2018
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Little Dude, It seems like i was just 16 but here I am 8 days now clean from H and Ice. It feels like the world left me behind for the last 25 years man. I'm 51 now and those shadow peeps should not even have shown yet in your case, This is a clear indicator that you are super susceptible to the brain chemical addiction and at your age, you are still developing the many parts of the brains chemical makeup. and you only get one time to do that. and if you fuck with it now, You get no second chance. Please, lay off everything even pot. Just drink beer if you got to get buzzed. but stay off the hard chemicals man. wait till at least your 25 YOA to start the road to addiction.