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Game Drop A Selfie!!!


Sep 10, 2019
I can't watch those animal abuse ads either. Especially as they bring back terrible memories.
When I was 13ish this guy who lived near me (15? I think) used to ut cats tongues out and then break their legs and listen to them try to scream - for "fun" - in this woods area near our street. I caught him doing it twice (before I knew what he did I thought he was hot so I'd hang around him or watch him lol)...I got so angry and disgusted tha tI followed him one day into said woods and used a tire iron from my dads garage to smash his knee caps. He couldn't tell anyone, either, because then the animal torture stuff would come out.
I still feel sick when I think about it (about what HE did; I feel good about what I did).
Good for ya. I wish you woulda tortured that sumbitch to death slowly. Make him feel pain like those poor cats did. I'm a cat lover too so this sickens me to no end