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DOI scraps

Dude I'm sooo high

Dec 1, 2006
I know, I was exaggerating by saying it would last the whole weekend, but it would definetely go all day I'm guessing. Hey, my schedules free friday night-sunday. I don't mind long lasting trips. Unless it's a trip to hell and back 8)


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Feb 8, 2006
In the mountains
Personally I've only taken a threshgold dose of DOI so far. But DOC is one of my absolute favorites. It took a few tries to realkly calibrate myself to it, however. I've found a lot of the discomfort people sometimes feel to be psychosomatic. If you're able to get on top of it, so to speak, and get comfortable with it in your body, then the length is perfect because it's very pleasant and comfortable the whole way through with a really great, wonderfully subtle yet still powerful effect on the thought process and your mood.

But as some have said, the actual full-on trip does not last the entire duration. I've had it last up to 12 hours, but after that it drops down to a level where you're still very altered but you'd probably not consider it a "trip" anymore. The peak state can be incredibly intense and deep and memorable, but I equally enjoy the plateau because it allows for hours and hours of integration, and if done right, is amazingly euphoric and gentle. If you get caught up in wishing you could sleep, though, or wishing you felt normal, or something like that, I think you're likely to find the second half unpleasant.

I've yet to get comfortable with DOI but I'm going to take a low-end full dose sometime soon. It took a breakthrough dose to understand what DOC was about, but since then it's been a great friend.

As for being overstimulating, I found DOC to be stimulating before I broke through with it, but nowadays, although it definitely keeps me up for a good 48 hours unless I really try to sleep, I find it more relaxing and stimulating. I actually am less jittery than usual on it. It does produce some light palm sweating a la amphetamine sometimes though.


Bluelight Crew
Jul 3, 2006
^^^^ DOC sounds intense. A bit OT, but your 2C-E reports blew me away and are the proximate reasons why I will be researching both it and DOC.