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Does Bromantane have significant sympathomimetic/hypertension inducing effects?


Apr 26, 2020
does bromantane have significant negative effects *short term* like sympathomimetic effects, increased blood pressure or heart rate? I assume it doesnt as most sources say it doesnt and that thats why its better than normal stims, but I'd be interested in personal experiences, theres not a lot of data
the following excerpt from this russian research is positively glowing, basically saying there are virtually no side effects, sounds too good to be true:

In terms of its pharmacological action, bromantane shows an antiasthenic effect, increases resistance to overheating, and, thereby, contributes to the restoration of working capacity after physical loads. This compound, which possesses combined stimulative and anxiolytic effects, increases physical and intellectual working capacity; inhibits the development of fatigue processes; accelerates restoration under common conditions and conditions complicated by hypoxia and hyperthermia; promotes improvement of mnemic processes (learning); improves the coordination of movements; increases body temperature; has a neuropsychoactivation effect (therefore it is sometimes referred to as a psychomotor stimulator); reveals antagonism to the sedative action of tranquilizers; displays a positive inotropic action without affecting the heart chronotropic function or systemic arterial pressure, and produces immunomodulation activity (Sedov et al., 1999; Morozov et al., 1999).
Whereas bromantane lacks hypno-sedative and neuromuscular relaxant properties, it does not possess any addictive potential. At its application, it does not, unlike typical psychostimulants, develop the phenomena of hyperstimulation.
It was determined that bromantane has a positive influence on the indices of psychophysiological conditions: range and stability of attention, complex sensomotor reaction, and the parameters of successful operator activity (Viatleva et al., 2000).
The mechanism of bromantane action is based on the facility to increase the activity of the lower centers of the central nervous system (the hypothalamus nuclei, the reticular nuclei of the operculum, the hippocampus). It does not exert any expressed action on noradrenergic mediators, but implements the activation properties through the dopaminergic system. Bromantane strengthens GABA-ergic mediation, reducing gene expression, supervising synthesis of GABA-transporters, and functioning as a return capture mediator. A potentiality for central serotonin holding effects is also assumed.
A definite role in the implementation of the bromantane pharmacological effect is played by its antiradical and membrane protective properties: bromantane increases immunity even after a single dose (increases the level of B-cells and circulating immune complex in the blood-stream), and it is more powerful than another synthetic adaptogen, levamizol, in terms of its effect on immunity (Morozov et al., 1999).
Bromantane stimulates synthesis of cytochrome P-450 and thus facilitates detoxifying liver functions and reduces the hypnotic action of thiopental sodium (but at the same time, does not weaken the anxiolytic effect of benzodiazepines).
Bromantane administration in therapeutic doses is characterized by the almost full absence of side effects including manifestations of withdrawal syndrome and hyperstimulation (Morozov et al., 1999). In animal experiments, toxic reactions were observed only after high doses of bromantane administration (>600 mg/kg). Lower doses (30-300 mg/kg) stimulated, and higher doses (600-9,600 mg/kg) suppressed behavioral activity. Spontaneous motor activity was increased after single treatment of bromantane in doses of 30-300 mg/kg, was not changed after treatment in doses of 600 mg/kg, but was inhibited after treatment in doses above 600 mg/kg. The drug reduced the pain sensitivity threshold in doses of 300-600 mg/kg, and elevated it, along with tactile sensitivity and reaction to knock, in doses above 600 mg/kg (Iezhitsa et al., 2002).
Additional and more detailed information on the pharmacological properties of bromantane is available in a foundational book, some review articles (Morozov et al., 1999; Morozov and Ivanova, 2001), and numerous clinical and experimental studies first and foremost from the laboratories of I.S. Morozov and S.B. Seredenin.

I have mild hypertension, sometimes just pre hypertension, hyperadrenergic states that come and go, and so I cannot use regular stimulants for my executive dysfunction anymore. hence why im interested in bromantane