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Help Does anyone know of a test that can test for flualprazolam?


Mar 2, 2015
I am curious what test kit can test for it if their is one, it so close to alprazolam I am just curious if their is something i could put a sample in or drops on it to know, cause from what i know it should be bitter as hell even more so than alprazolam ive had plenty of liquid solutions of it and instantly i taste xanax but stronger but i messed about and found a "deal" for a gram of it and it was given to me and all but it has no taste at all zero and i made a solution and even after what should be like 5mg i feel nothing so im going with fake as a 3 dollar bill but i would like to know of any test kits that exist so i can also prove it to these people that what they are selling is 100% not flualprazolam I have had it the real stuff and 1-2mg knocks me out if i take 1mg/ml and try to watch tv i fall asleep if i take 2ml of a 1mg per ml solution im dosing off pretty soon afterwards, so pretty sure I got scammed but i may get my money back may not the butt hole just makes fake accounts and sells to himself to leave positive feedback ive already figured that out every negative he gets he right away puts a positive from a new account lol its obvious that he is just ripping people off but, I would been better off buying flualp bars or just sticking with my regular lab. I just thought maybe he bought it in bulk and was gonna still profit at the price he offered cause i never had issue from this place before but this stuff is straight garbage. I guess its a supplement of some sort but do not know what kind its completely tasteless.


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Sep 5, 2010
Distinguishing benzodiazepines accurately is difficult and pretty much outside of the reach of a home chemist. There is the zimmermann reagent but it's not going to give you a text output saying the exact compound.

If it's not the drug you expected I suggest putting it in the bin. Either your vendor is an idiot or a liar and I wouldn't take substances bought from an idiot or a liar.


May 17, 2007
if it's not bitter you don't need a test. even cut to hell, both flualprazolam and alprazolam are distinctly bitter.

you can send it in for testing if you want written proof. those labs can distinguish between the rc benzos.