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Jan 23, 2013
babysitting the argument in my head
Can anyone direct me to a video with steps or instructions for the best way to quit using Black Tar Heroine or basically the easiest way off of it without too much misery if its possible at all even???

Thank you in advance for any and all help and input.

There are many places on BL to find help with this but please stop by the RECOVERY FORUMS



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Nov 3, 1999
Looking-Glass Land
The party never stops for this guy

The party never stops for this guy
Cocaine is a hell of a drug
party, guy, cocaine, face, covered, never, stop,

i have no idea where to post this but thought it was ammusing. Found it on Liveleak


Jul 21, 2005
Dont exist -

Crack.... your smoking crack. Cocaine+water+ baking soda=you guessed it, crack.

Melkorghost4 days ago (edited) -

In fact it's a little more complex. Both "paco" and "crack" are base cocaine, but its origins are different. Generally, there is no baking soda in paco.
Cocaine is extracted from coca leaves in its base form and then, by a chemical reaction it's turned to cocaine hydrochloride (HCl), the salt form (the snortable powder). This chemical reaction is basically exposing the base cocaine to hydrochloric acid to turn it to a salt. Last step is sending it to North America where some americans turn it to base again using baking soda because it can be smoked and generates more profit.

When drug manufacturers in Latin America are making the salt form of cocaine, there is some residue left from the reaction, this is cocaine that couldn't react to the acid and stayed as base cocaine. That's Paco. The residue from the manufacture of powder cocaine HCl. This residue can contain a wide range of toxic chemicals mainly reagents and solvents from the elaboration which make "paco" more toxic than "crack".

At minute 6:00 you see a man doing the baking soda method with some shitty cocaine he has. It's probably a mix of hydrochloride and base cocaine which is better if you turn it all to base, but that's not how paco is typically made, it's an exception to the rule.