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⫸STICKY⫷ Discerning what adulterant is in your Ecstasy pill


Sep 9, 2017
Its hard to eyeball and my days of pressed pills are over however that picture does make my mouth water ??? Get at least a Marquis reagent tester and shave off a tad of one of those pretty looking pills. Smoke and fizz is normal that's just a salt reaction. You want to see a pretty fast like within 5 to 10 seconds dark purple to black. If it is slow purple like 30sec or longer and not very dark purple at all I would then get the Simon and the Mecke reagents out... I think...i know the Erlich is just for mushies, acid and DMT's so yeah get the Simon and the Mecke to figure out what the hell is in with the rolls before you eat them. But man those look really really pretty ????


Mar 10, 2017
I can vouch for the meth/coke being widespread in pills. First time I rolled, or so I thought, I was full of energy and extremely talkative and having a great time. But I didn't get the serotonin release I got later on from the best X I ever had. Best night of my life, but anyway, back to the 'unpure' pill. After we came down and were discussing the experience, the more experienced were saying there must have been meth in the pills. For two weeks I FIENDED for these things like no drug before or since. If I could have, I would have bought a shit ton of them and went on 2 month bender. But the supply dried up. Probably a good thing, given my impulsive disposition.
Why is the Thread so old or am i missing the new ones?? Also have heard from black micros ( LSD) in pink Flamingos pills to EVERYTHING including H and Coke. Why these 2 last ones? H makes no sense at all, nobody gonna get a new customers that Way. Coke is too expensive and oral in a X pill, for what? Got too much coke???
And lets not forget the rat poison.