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Cocaine Difference between cocaine binge and non binge use


Mar 24, 2019
At what point does cocaine use become a binge?

We all think of a cocaine binge as using a large amount of cocaine over a very short. Of time or using cocaine without a timely break in between dosages over several hours, 12, 18, 24 or more hours. I would also describe a binge as someone that once they start, they don't usually stop until the cocaine Runs Out. It might be someone that that has a gram and instead of doing one or two lines, they'll keep doing lines until the whole gram is gone whether it be repeatedly over the course of two or three hours or stretched out over the course of 10, 12 hours or longer. That feeling of not being able to stop or telling yourself just one more line and I'll stop if you don't stop I told you right now to whether it be 1 gram or 3 grams.

At what point does going out for the night to the club and doing maybe 6 lines in a 7 hour period or 6 lines in a 5-hour period go from the classification of going out and having a good time doing several lines classification of a cocaine bing?

Does the fact that you're able to determine when to stop and the ability to overcome the urge to keep doing more consider that night's usage a non a binge? With the same amount of cocaine being used but this time not being in control of when you can stop with the urge to keep doing more until there is no more, be considered a binge? The same Amount of cocaine was consumed over the same amount of time but in the first scenario the person who was in control of when they could stop and easily stopped and able to overcome the urge to do more. (A NON COCAINE BINGE). Whereas the second scenario with the same amount of cocaine has been used over the same amount of time, the person couldn't overcome the urge to do more without the ability to stop untill the cocaine ran out having the urge to do more if they had more. (A COCAINE BINGE).

I've got a Ratatat. Consistently it says she is just an occasional recreational user, maybe a couple here and there once or twice during the week to give herself a little energy if she's dragging in the morning or if she's going out with friends, maybe a couple of very small thin lines. If she does a couple of normal size lines over a couple hours, her sinuses clog up for a few days and she wants to avoid that.

I have a friend that I sell 4 - 6 grams to every month or two. I usually get 7 grams of from my friend give her one gram as a thank you tip because I doubt she'll either do a little bit of it here and there or she can add it to whatever else she has what's the idea of selling it to a few people she knows.

Last Saturday morning I got 7 grams from her and gave her one gram. I sold 5 grams.
Today is Thursday I asked her if she still had that gram that I gave her and if I could buy it from her. She said that she had already done half of it. I don't know if it was over the weekend or between a Saturday morning this evening. She said she was probably going to do the other half over this coming weekend.

I've never known or had any reason to suspect her of being a binge user either on a more regular basis or a once in awhile on occasion basis. To this day, if I never knew that she did cocaine, I wouldn't have any reason to wander or suspect her doing it. Her physical appearance has never shown any signs of recent cocaine use, heavy cocaine use or being high on cocaine. Not even having a suspiciously overly runny nose for no reason. But I do know that he claims to be a light very small skinny line here and there or a key bump here in their user because of her sinuses easily clogging up fact that she plans to have a non addictive personality she isn't able to get addicted to cocaine.

I bought seven grams from her so I could sell five Saturday. I gave her a gram thank you tip. Today Thursday evening I asked if she still had a gram and if I could buy it from her. She said that she had done half of it Saturday, either over the weekend or between Saturday and tonight. She said that she was probably going to do the other half over this coming weekend.

Going out with friends the club or something for the night and doing half a gram over a six to eight hour., is that considered a binge or just a night of doing cocaine?

Does your mindset and the un-ability to control the amount you use and not being able to stop until it's gone compared to someone that can do half a gram in one night with the ability and mindset of being in full control and able to stop at any time, determine a binge versus doing several lines what are the course of the night as a non bing?

How much cocaine needs to be done over a 6-hour hour night to get to the point where it goes from a non binge to a binge?


Feb 18, 2020
It all depends on the money , i use to do tons of coke at one poit i soend all my savings on that bitch , i was doing line after line in my flat man cave nobody was allowed was calling in sick for work because i was too fucked up to come in so i just ordered more and more untill i got psyhosys no more money and my parents ware blowing up my phone that was in the course of 3 months down 12,000€ fucked hookers was at the club best friends with the owner railing lines doing molly shit was fire took me 3 years to recover


Aug 3, 2005
My apartment
When your days start becoming indistinguishable from one another and your bank account implodes.
Unless you're made of money or live in the Peruvian rain forest, i dont see how anyone can stretch a coke binge longer than a few days.
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