Dextromethorphan + White Grapefruit Juice / 600mg-Intermediate-Tripping in the Army


Apr 28, 2016
With a little sweet and simple numbing me
So I did something stupid......

I am in the Army. I'm in Advanced Individual Training. On my weekend I went to the pX exchange (like an Army Walmart) and bought a gaming keyboard and mouse, and a shitload of food. My friend stops off by the medicine isle. He says he's trying to get some Nyquil to chill out. I told him that the dxm content in that isn't enough to really do anything as you'd have to take a whole lot including the other active ingredients which would not be good.

I began to look for like Tussin DM or something and came across Robitussin. I wasn't really focused on hBr or polistirix, but rather if dxm was the only ingredient. So I bought 2 bottles of it. I went to the commissary and bought a gallon or so bottle of 100% white grapefruit juice concentrate. I read that it slows your metabolism of the enzyme that converts dxm to dxo.

I decide that I'm just trying to catch a vibe. So I made a drink of Orange Fanta and roughly 210mg of dxm polistirix. My friend suddenly invites me to go to a trampoline park. So we go and I'm feeling kinda spacy but nothing notable. When I get back, I drink 24 oz of WGFJ, down 210 more mg and then drink the remainde of the bottle in a mixture of WGFJ, dxm, and water.

During my bedcheck formation I lie down and feel a warm euphoria. I feel great. I go back inside and play video games. I listen to this cool futurewave mix and it was amazing. I was in this future place and felt awesome.

Now this is where it gets bad.

I kinda tripped my friend out on my video game and he left without a word to me. I was sorta out of it so I was like whatever. I go to sleep.

I wake up for morning PT at 4 am tripping SACK. I looked in the mirror and could barely recognize myself. I looked like an alien. I could barely walk. I was so fucked up. I walked to our PT formation and it felt like a sinister storyline. I was trying so hard to act normal.

In my past with dxm, every time I take it, I get this sensation. When I have even the back of an unconscious thought of anxiety, my face flushes with like electricity. It is an overwhelming sensation. It happens every 3 seconds when I'm on dxm hard. We are supposed to stand at Parade Rest for like 30 minutes waiting for PT to start and I am having a hard time. I get insanely nauseous and have to go down on one knee. It feels safe on one knee. When I get back up I can only last 2 seconds before my face flushes with heat and electricity. The best way I can describe it is panic waves that feel like pinpricks of static stabbing your face. This has happened all 6 times I've done dxm. Hbr and Poly.

So I thought to myself, well that's it, I've done it. I'm going to get caught and kicked out and my life is ruined. I suddenly became overwhelmingly nauseaous and told my roommate "bro I'm sick as fuck what do I do."

I said I should probably go to sick hall. So I half stumble walk to our Senior Drill Sergeant and told him I need to go to sick hall because I was sick and dizzy. He said fine. I had to sign some papers and shit which was difficult, I kept dropping shit. Luckily he let the nauseas folks walk separate from the rest so we don't fall out and throw up. I get to sick hall and it's trippy as fuck. I don't have my ID Card or my Juul. So then I wonder what would happen if I went through nicotine withdrawal while tripping on dxm.

I suddenly realize there is contraband (food, juul, cough syrup) all over my room right now because we normally clean it after PT for inspection. I realize I'm in Pt clothes and I have to change into Combat Clothes for school. I realize I don't have my key and I'd have to have a Drill Sergeant open my room door for me to get in. He would see everything and I'd be so fucked. This whole time I'm having face flushes and weird thoughts, and just an overwhelming feeling throughout my body.

I get in and somehow navigate my way to where I need to go without and ID. I see the doctor and tell him I'm dehydrated. He does some tests and tells me to get this nausea med for dizziness and sends me out. I leave without getting the med as I'm feeling better now and I don't know if it's and MAOI or not. I go to chow with 2 friends that also went to sick hall and know I'm tripping. I suddenly realize my company is at the other chow hall. I realize my roommate is there with my key and if we ran down there and had an excuse I could get it and not get in trouble.

So we did it. Got the key. Got dressed and hid all my shit. Stared at myself in the mirror for like 2 minutes straight looking at how weird I look. Now I'm at school writing this. Work was finished on Friday so I don't have shit to do until Wednesday.

I'm mostly sober now, I'm still kinda floaty but I can socialize again finally. I took a 2 hour nap a few hours ago.

I remember why I said I'd never dxm again after the last time. If I didn't have these face/head flush/burns while high, I'd somewhat enjoy dxm. They just blind my vision almost and scare me to death. I don't know what to call them but they make me unfunctionable.

Anyways, I know I'm an idiot. I just wanted a chill vibe on Sunday. I had no idea it would last almost past 10 hours after a night' sleep and I'd wake up peaking. Scary experience but I made it through. Considering taking a 1st plateau dose without WGFJ tonight just for the music. I gotta tell you, the mix I listened to last night on dxm was amazing. I was palying cs:go and had this weird sort of focus that was like I was part of the game. Not like caffeine but different focus. The music was blissful.


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Jan 26, 2018
I think I know exactly what feeling you're talking about. When I robotrip really hard I also frequently get what I would describe as spontanious cold energetic sensations that run through my brain. They distort whatever I was thinking about, and can be almost painful if you're not in the mood, and the trip gives you them really hard for some reason.