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Dec 5, 2018
To whom it may concern;

I am seeking documented cases of individuals who have detoxed from suboxone in shorter than accepted amounts of time. Please note I said 'accepted' and not 'expected'. I am aware of the risks and concerns posted on the web by professionals in the medical field warning about the health issues related to opiate detoxification. My immediate goal is to find documented cases of individuals who have stopped using suboxone without 'major' health issues in short periods of time? I have been on suboxone for over three years and taking six milligrams per day. To be direct about my concerns, I would rather suffer some withdraw symptoms to detox from the drug than take a longer slower approach. My doctor has said based on the newest studies its takes around nine months to eliminate the drug totally from the body which includes its effects on the brain? I do not want to be on the drug for that much longer. Can I wean myself in less than ninety days?


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Mar 9, 2005
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Feb 14, 2010
You can definitely do it in less, and in general opioid withdrawal is not fatal by itself, however I think there are a lot of other things to consider beyond just physical health and life or death. Detoxing is a pretty big step in recovery and it becomes very difficult to taper accurately by yourself as your physical and mental health decline with acute withdrawals. Is there a specific reason for wanting to do it quicker than recommended? A smooth landing might be a more stable way of staying clean.. as intense withdrawals often produce erratic thinking and behavior. Things like thinking "oh fuck I'm detoxing way to quick, i'm going crazy I need to adjust my taper" and wind up all over the place.

I'm not sure those studies would exist to be honest. If they do, they're likely generated by inside funding and people who did it in less were on average less successful. Keep in mind suboxone is a brand owned by a corporation with a purpose of making money. Some of the information you present seems misleading and even inconsistent with known facts. Latest doesn't mean greatest. Suboxone is a combo of 2 drugs, buprenorphine and naloxone- with bupe have a half-life of 24-60hrs. Fairly long for a psychoactive drug, but just because a drug(more likely a metabolite of said drug) is present in your system doesn't mean it is having an active effect. So the whole "9 months to eliminate from the body" seems like uselessly presented info. Just because a metabolite is present doesn't mean it is going to have an active effect on the body and brain.

And I'd question what specifically they mean by "major" health concerns. Opioid withdrawal is not known to be fatal unless other health factors are involved. In general, drugs like alcohol and benzos are more dangerous because acute-withdrawal can result in seizures, psychosis, delirium, and death. I've heard anecdotally of people having seizures from acute-withdrawal from street heroin, but there is no way of saying exactly what happened in those situations.

EDIT: I'm not sure I understood the whole 9 months thing. Is this including taper time?


Nov 15, 2017
Sub has a schedule for short detox but it jumps at 2mg which is too high. I took sub for 9 days to stop oxycontin w/d and jumped at 2mg. Still went through insomnia and pain.

Look up Robert_325's plan for sub taper on He is no longer there but you can still read his advice.