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Friends Dedicate a Song to a Lounger


Apr 2, 2009
Where the light trips fantastic
Oooooooh, I get it now, BK38. Wow. Oh my God, Wow. Holy dog shit, wow!!!! It's no fucking wonder why you took such fancy and with such imprudent vernacular to such a poor, poor, pseudo-intellectual that I am. It has struck with me with clarity and all the synonyms in-between. I am absolutely gobsmacked! I totally fucking understand now your hostility towards me: we just don't speak the same language! Hahahahah!!!

Silly me! Of course im a fucking "pseudo-intellectual"; you've no capacity to know Celebration much further past your Nietzsche-ian Slave Morality we've discoursed prior. The fucking hysterics right now! And there you were, you soppy-bog, getting verbally ran around in circles by me. Oh for shame I am! I really should have known better that I needed a translator becuze im stho stoopid, deerrrrrrrrrr.

You know what, bollocks to this: You win! Drop the confetti! You so totally fucking win! Hahahahaha!!! And when you jumped from one rock to another, here I am at the end, laughing my sick fucking ass off at the turn of events.

Well my friend, I gottcha.

Oh, but it's such a sad scenario: this Greek Comedy-Tragedy we underwent. I feel a great shame in me that I even challenged your ... prowess. And now, BK38, it's time to part ways, because this is gonna feel so fucking good: You're on your way to Ignore Island, deep into Apathy Ocean, just South of Fuck-All-Borrough's.

So long, brother. I wish you all the best in life. Let's get my farewell to you out proper:

Holy shit. You know that Dunning-Kruger effect you had the presence of mind to reference earlier? Does self-awareness ever come to mind? Does it vex you so? That you lack the ability to oscillate between the streets and actual intellectualism; as opposed to your pseudo-intellectual spouting? Circles around me? The only things that are circling are the vultures above you - because you're dead on arrival. You are literally proving my point.

You think you're superior because you jumble a mess of words together that are either archaic or multi-syllabic. You're the one that needs a translator you ass. Did you forget the principle purpose of words? You know, the ones you use to communicate instead of feeling better than? You're arrogant and maybe you're young and haven't been knocked about by life enough, because you're massively judgmental too and in the wrong place for it. I will fucking destroy you, you poncy schoolboy. You can use your supposed sarcasm on me, but it's not even close to hitting the mark. I've won this before it started. You think you've won a victory by "elevating" yourself above? No, you've gone for another cheap shot outside the arena and I will make it my mission to fuck your BL life. Been here since 09, welcome you piece of shit.

*@mods, if you wanna start round 5 outta this, I'm game, baby dick has apparently grown some baby balls.
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