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Poetry Death

Snafu of the Forest

Moderator: NMI, NSADD
Staff member
May 27, 2020
I live in a giant bucket
There is nothing to mourne about death
anymore then there is to mourne about
the growing of a flower

What is terrible is not death
but the lives people live
or don't live
up until their death

they don't honor their own lives
they piss on their lives
they SHIT them away

they concentrate
too much on fucking
movies, money, family, FUCKING,
their minds are full of COTTON

They swallow God without thinking
they swallow country without thinking

Soon they've forgotten how to think
They let others think for them
they're brains are stuffed with cotton

They look ugly
They talk ugly
They walk ugly

Play them the great
Music of the centuries
And they cant hear it....

Most people's death are a sham
There is nothing left to die....