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Damiana Smoking


Jul 10, 2015
??? no hits on google other than this post.

Could you perchance find a spelling of it that is close enough to being correct that we can look it up? (i'm not saying this to be rude, as it's one of those weirdass names that are hard to spell, but if anyone wants to take your advice, we'd need a name we could look up)

It is spelled... "Ashwagandha"


Sep 13, 2014
so youre telling me that the black mamba shit i buy is damiana BUT the supplier ADDED the synthetic compounds to.. jw-xxx hu-xxx or whatnot? Can anyone confirm this because I know the supplier probably wouldn't. I'm interested in that theory because the black mamba definitely produces effects and its just damiana leaves. the other spice shit I get has wild dagga and other things that most definitely should produce effects on their own but this shit is just damiana, or so it says...

I too am on probation and smoke this shit every day so i can stay "clean". Well maybe not every day.
They have been selling those herbs for years and they have never been intoxicating. Now people a getting THC-like effects because cannabinoids agonists are being added. If a plant is psychoactive, then there has to be some chemical in it that is the active ingredient. Damiana doesn't naturally produce any psychoactive constituents so there has to be something synthetic added (unless you are getting the placebo effect from smoking).
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