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Comics (graphic novels) are spectacular form of story telling, I am amazed


Dec 28, 2017
Vienna, Austria-Hungary
Never read comics in my life before (I am 45). Currently reading graphic novels one after another and find them very particular, fascinating, original form of story telling. But here is the most surprising thing I am discovering - comics are very much superior in communicating emotional content - say, hesitation, surprise, anxiety, joy, etc. While words (I am reading fiction all the time, consider it the most superior form of art, maybe even the most superior of any human endeavor) are much more precise and content-full, pictures are much more emotionally impactful. It is VERY interesting how comic authors use sequence of "picture-boxes" to communicate this or that. For beginner reader like me, this art form seems like "wild west", while wordy-fiction is like grandmaster level chess. It is the most spectacular thing when the latter nails it, but it is fascinating how much seems left open to define (discover) in graphic novels.