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Opioids Combining an Opioid With Kratom

Wilson Wilson

Moderator: BDD, OD
Staff member
Aug 6, 2014
Maybe I should relocate to the UK. Sounds tempting... Benzos shouldn't be given out left and right though. Never found them addicting but quite a number do, and the withdrawals being so severe and highly dangerous without tapering down is something that shouldn't be handled without medical care. Like pain management, there's alot of pepole who don't have panic attacks or anxiety that seek them out for sure.
They shouldn't be given out left and right no, but if someone has tried other options like SSRI's and still suffers from anxiety, they should be offered. Instead you have to jump through hoops to get even a small PRN script. And the basis for this is nothing to do with medicine or science, it's just to prevent lawsuits, that's what really gets to me as someone who has suffered from bad anxiety including panic attacks all my life. It should also be noted SSRI withdrawal is every bit as bad as benzo withdrawal. But no one gives a shit about that because as long as no one can get a buzz off it then it's okay to hand out to everyone.

And just consider, it is honestly easier to get amphetamine or morphine than it is to get diazepam over here... that's how demonised benzos are. It's fucking ridiculous.


Apr 3, 2014
So I'm still trying to find out if kratom works well with opiates or not. I have been a daily kratom user for maybe 5 years.

I recently endured some semi serious injuries. I was prescribed 15mg oxy IR 2x daily. Taking orally didnt help much. So I snorted the next one and still it only helped a little bit. This was about 3 hours ago.

I wanted to save the kratom and not take it for the time I am prescribed the oxy. However, I feel the kratom works better for the pain. I'd like to consume some rn but am afraid it will completely cancel the oxy or make me sick.

Thanks for the help in advance