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Benzos Combination Venlafaxin (SNRI) + Etizolam


Jun 18, 2016
Hi there everybody,

I am taking venlafaxin 225mg on a daily base because of my several year enduring diagnostet depression. Now i take around 3-5mg etizolam together with the venlafaxin. I have to add that somehow im very tolerant for benzos on the dosage side even without venlafaxin. But they help better than the prescribed lorazepam against the restlegness of the antidepressants.

But I am afraid of potential harm due to long term combination. Iam not benzo adictet to etizolam and could easily stop using them, but they really help at the moment. I just can find combinations of venlafaxin, and for example alprozalam, what in my opinion is the closest to etizolam. Especially because of their antidepressive effect.

Would be really happy abount any advice or others who combined them.
Thanks in advance and best wishes!