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💀 THE ABYSS™ 💀 Chapter VIII: The Portal to Infinity

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Jul 2, 2021
I'm on:


Every 3 days:
0.15-0.2g of Psilocybe Cubensis or 15-20ug of LSD-25

Phenibut HCl

It seems to do a pretty good all round job at repairing the drug damage I've done. Plus gives me such cognitive enhancement I have to quit doing it sometimes because I really don't want to think that much, being intelligent is it's own curse, that's for sure.

BTW, not all drugs are toxins. LOL

You have things like THC and psilocybin, which cause neurogenesis and the networking of areas that otherwise wouldn't communicate. I've watched THC oil save people's lives before.

I have to take a full LSD trip once in a while for my own mental health. It does years worth of therapy in a night I find! And well, I'd be dead without psychedelics, and I'd be on IV morphine still without cannabis.

I view the brain much like a muscle, you can work it, let it waste away or you can tear it and then repair it. It's a wonderful thing.

I always wanted to study cryptography or organic chem/endocannabinoid science tbh, but I kinda dropped enough acid to realize I could learn all that myself with Google, and not have to work for someone else or the system! Haha

Right now I just hodl cryptos and stake for APY, I guess it kinda does leave room for boredom though, that's probably why I do alot of drugs. I need to start growing cannabis again (legal here), it's my life's work and keeps me busy/focused/off weird drugs.

I've seen you post before about Linux stuff and having creeps try fuck with you and stuff, if you want some tips or even tricks/how to use certain exploits to basically get anything you want. Hit me up. I think I said this before but it came across as trying to hit on you, I made it flirty deliberately.

But no, I am a man with a family. Hehe.

@n3ophy7e remembers the other thread I was posting in a few days ago, great moderator and great energy! <3 it must be so cool yet so sad to work at a vets! I was in a really dark place and I've met some lovely people on here who are fucking awesome (not in real life.)

Mainly, @BenzoBrain^^ you're a G and thanks for always checking on a bro!
I did see where you offered before. I think you might be exactly what Ive been looking for. This is a situation thats impacted my life more than Ive ever been able to get anyone elses to acknowledge.. The only help thats been offered has just been to secure my network and devices. Theres a lot to all of this and a lots been done. Anyone that would do what all was done to me is dangerous as hell. I need to know who I have allowed in my space thats capable of all of this. have a good idea of who it is. I made up some bait that anyone against me wouldnt be able to refuse taking advantage of and put it in a place that no one else should ever be and it was returned back to me just as I anticipated by the messenger I had predicted But you cant just accuse someone of something like this without proof beyond a shadow of a doubt. I wanna give them enough rope so theyll hang themselves. I dont need my devices scanned and cleaned. I dont need security protection. I need a hacker. If you are down I am in lol.

And you said it all when you said that intelligence can be a curse....its been my biggest disability. Sometimes I dont want to see that elephant in every room because what the fuck am I suppose to do about it ?! Haha nawimean?!

I am all about biohacking my brain lol . Ive been thru so much shit that I've had to carry in silence that my own immune system has turned against me. Clinically Ive been diagnosed with mixed connective tissue disease but thats just due to the protocols of the medical field. The rest are just the consequences of being super sensitive and empathetic plus my brain being rewired because I kept it maintained on opiates for 20 years.


Bluelight Crew
Mar 14, 2016
Libby's Smut Page
Can we unlock the "looking for new lounge mods" thread ?

Its in dire need of comedic mod suggestions, sarcastic comments about the prestige of the position, and general shit posts.


Jan 16, 2010
Wait what is this about exploits to get whatever you want? You passing around 0days ? Hook a brother up @saif1311

I'll legit suck your cock for a vulnerability in exchange

If you can teach me how to make a soda machine dump all the quarters with EMP even better. I can teach you to whistle dtmf tones in exchange.
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Ghost fart

Jun 5, 2021
Okay you little cunt suckers. I just woke up in a major hangover and i got like 30 cans of beer. Shit is gonna get real. I SWEAR i post kick ass music links tonight!
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