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💀 THE ABYSS™ 💀 Chapter VIII: The Portal to Infinity

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Sep 3, 2012
Above hell, below heaven, two steps to the right.
If you are wanting to heal and reduce the damage you've done to yourself with drugs I might know a little bit about that😁

Drugs are toxins. Toxins cause oxidative stress. This eventually damages our mitochondrial system.

It depletes our levels of glutathione...the bodies master antioxidant. Glutathione is super important. It expels toxins in a way that can be excreted through our bile and stool...it also recycles other antioxidants. Its also what protects our mitochondria from free radical damage. Our mitochondria maintain our energy production.
The more they get depleted the more prone we become to infections... diseases....pathogens. It disables our ability to effectively detoxify. This damages our liver ... etc

Best bet for everyone would be to focus on ways to reduce oxidative stress... reducing exposure to pollutants with oxidizing properties....increasing levels of antioxidants.... stabilizing mitochondrial energy production

But...if not then I would suggest supplementing with Glutathione...along with all the other supplements that are already well known as beneficial.

I take S-Acetyl Glutathione because it can permeate into the membrane of mitochondria
I'm on:


Every 3 days:
0.15-0.2g of Psilocybe Cubensis or 15-20ug of LSD-25

Phenibut HCl

It seems to do a pretty good all round job at repairing the drug damage I've done. Plus gives me such cognitive enhancement I have to quit doing it sometimes because I really don't want to think that much, being intelligent is it's own curse, that's for sure.

BTW, not all drugs are toxins. LOL

You have things like THC and psilocybin, which cause neurogenesis and the networking of areas that otherwise wouldn't communicate. I've watched THC oil save people's lives before.

I have to take a full LSD trip once in a while for my own mental health. It does years worth of therapy in a night I find! And well, I'd be dead without psychedelics, and I'd be on IV morphine still without cannabis.

I view the brain much like a muscle, you can work it, let it waste away or you can tear it and then repair it. It's a wonderful thing.

I always wanted to study cryptography or organic chem/endocannabinoid science tbh, but I kinda dropped enough acid to realize I could learn all that myself with Google, and not have to work for someone else or the system! Haha

Right now I just hodl cryptos and stake for APY, I guess it kinda does leave room for boredom though, that's probably why I do alot of drugs. I need to start growing cannabis again (legal here), it's my life's work and keeps me busy/focused/off weird drugs.

I've seen you post before about Linux stuff and having creeps try fuck with you and stuff, if you want some tips or even tricks/how to use certain exploits to basically get anything you want. Hit me up. I think I said this before but it came across as trying to hit on you, I made it flirty deliberately.

But no, I am a man with a family. Hehe.

@n3ophy7e remembers the other thread I was posting in a few days ago, great moderator and great energy! <3 it must be so cool yet so sad to work at a vets! I was in a really dark place and I've met some lovely people on here who are fucking awesome (not in real life.)

Mainly, @BenzoBrain^^ you're a G and thanks for always checking on a bro!
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Bluelight Crew
Nov 30, 2004
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