Stimulants Can the foods you eat effect Adderall ? (Vitamin C?)

Tanner Blaze

Sep 27, 2015
My morning routine consists of a banana, yogurt cup, Naked brand fruit smoothie, and Centrium Silver multi-vitamin. I'm a middle aged male about 15lbs overweight. I also take Adderall IR 1-2 times a week. Sorry if this has already been asked somewhere else, but I remember reading somewhere Vitamin C can diminesh the effects of stimulents and Magnesium can magnify them. My vitamin only contains maybe 20% DV of Magnesium but I wasn't sure how much Vitamin C altogether my breakfast has. I have noticed since I've been on a diet that the Adderall isn't as effective, but tbh I probably have somewhat of a tolerence because I occasionally dose high (50+mg twice a month) for "the rush". Are certain foods more effective?


Nov 18, 2015
Chair, Tropic of Cancer
When I first started using Adderall a few years ago, there were two instances in which I'm fairly certain that Vitamin C inhibited my high in major/noticeable manner.
The first-
Day three of daily use, had dosed two crushed 25mg XR capsules each of the prior days, no tolerance save for that accumulated from said usage; administered 25mg sublingually, began to feel a rush, drank two large glasses of orange juice with breakfast, high lasted one quarter the duration I had become accustomed too. Administered the same dosage in the same way the next day sans orange juice, duration was back to expected length.
The second-
Second day into daily use after a three month period of abstinence, dropped half of a street-amphetamine tablet into an energy drink, consumed, felt weak rush for ~60 minutes before effects waned, felt baseline after three hours. The street tablet in question was from a batch that had, on the day prior as well as the day following this one, provided six hours of effects concurrent with perhaps 40mg IR.

I won't pretend to be any sort of expert, but it's well-documented that amphetamine's bioavailability is highly dependent on the alkalinity of ones stomach. Acidic pH means fast clearance times, if I recall correctly.
FWIW, I eventually just started parachuting a teaspoon and a half of baking soda prior to administering any and all doses of amphetamines; easiest, most oft overlooked method of potentiation, in my humble opinion.


Nov 27, 2002
The reason Vit' C does this is because it acidifys something (Can't remember what.) leading to your kidneys eliminating it quicker.

Any foods that are acidic I think do the same and it's only really large dose's of vit' C that do this.

Also yes Magnesium does lower amphetamine tolerance.