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Heroin Can heroin already in a syringe be dried out or smoked?


Feb 7, 2021
Hey all,

Like the topic says, I am wondering if this is at all possible. Dealer was "low" apparently, so he threw in a pre-mixed full needle full of black with the solid, to try and balance the order. Now, even if this wasn't sketchy as fuck, I don't do needles anyway--never have and never will (nothing against IV users, I just truly hate needles, I couldn't stick myself if my life depended on it). However, I would love to be able to find a way to have this shot be useable, preferably smokable as that is really the only way I prefer to take it, but I am open to other methods as long as it is not IV or plugging.

As such, does anyone know if there is any possible way to chase the liquid heroin? I wasn't sure if it can be lightly heated from below in a foil bowl, or if I should let it evaporate at a low-temp in the oven, or any other ideas--any suggestions from those far more knowledgeable than I? I refuse to shoot it, but I really don't want to throw it out either! So if there is some way to dry it out without ruining the chemical that would be awesome.

PS: I know it seems really weird he threw in a syringe, but I've known him a long, long time and I know he is solid, there's no way its a dirty needle or a needle full of fent, so I feel confident in using the product, so long as I can dry it out and get it into a useable form besides IV. If there is no way, then I'll just have to throw it out :/


Feb 8, 2021
Ummm, ya, I’ve never done it. But it should be simple physics. Put it in a small contained that you can heat without burning the stuff, and it should dry out...in which case you can salvage the stuff. You could even put it on some foil or make a “cup” of foil and put it in the oven at super low temp. Like maybe 125 degrees? Good luck


Sep 15, 2012
Northwest Arizona
Shoot it up your nose, that's how people do it in jail and its very effective. Or just squirt it in foil & smoke it. You have to light it first tho then after a few seconds it evaporates and leaves a smokeable trail.


Bluelight Crew
Oct 22, 2012
the edge of sanity
In theory, yes.

We don't have black heroin where I live, our heroin is usually #4 white and pressed into a rock.

But, I did indeed once somehow manage to forget a mixed up shot I had left in a spoon somehow, and later on discovered the water had all evaporated and it had turned back into power. I added more water, redissolved it and shot it, no problem.

So yes it definitely works, at least with that kinda heroin.

Might be simpler though to swallow/plug/snort it or something. You've very wise not to IV it though.