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Can anyone tell me if this invention for free electricity is going to work?

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Aug 4, 2019
ok so im planning on buying this 50k MaH power bank, its solar so it can charge it self if exposed to the sun

>>>>>>>>then connecting this through its usb port

>>>>>>then connecting the car charger part to this adapter

then there by having a power source for my room, to connect my ac unit, and 2 lamps that can light up my whole room, and possibly my laptop


before i order all this stuff on ebay, can someone tell me if they are gonna work all together?


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May 18, 2020
but what if i leave the solar power bank to full charge every day for 6 hours while i go do my shift at my workplace?

wouldnt, it be free energy?

If it's designed correctly, and I haven't researched the specs, your plan would function assuming six hours is sufficient to charge it.

You may run into some issues with longevity, though. I also seriously doubt it could power a 120 VAC Air Conditioner, but I could be wrong.

Just some quick math, if your devices would need roughly 15 amps you'd get about 3.3 hours out of it. That's assuming there aren't any issues with peak voltage issues turning everything on and the full 50 amps/hours are available.
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Jun 18, 2021
Incredible, such a small power bank can charge a laptop and light up two more lamps while charging from the sun! At this rate, the future may already be near, or maybe we are already in the future. I hope soon humanity will consume only green energy. After all, we have already learned how to consume energy from anything. By the way, companies that use such energy are growing tremendously. https://www.simplyswitch.com/energy/guides/find-the-cheapest-gas-and-electricity-provider/. You can read on this site, and I was shocked when I read about the number of people and companies already using green energy!
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Jul 8, 2017
Edge City
No, every unit I have seen like this is intended as a phone or laptop power supply so the output will be 5 v 2A . By the time the 5V is converted to 120 V you will have less than .1 A available which is not nearly enough to power an air conditioner alone let alone that lamps and a computer.

It's a nice idea though.


Oct 3, 2014
United States
Solar power works very well in theory, but small, low quality products usually don't last long and don't produce much energy. Though, it might be useful for powering a laptop or charging a cell phone perhaps.

I can't see a little solar panel like this running an AC. Unfortunately, it also is probably going to break in relatively short order, but maybe not. No way to know unless you try it.


Jul 19, 2021
I have that power bank, but I have never tested its limits to that extreme. It may work, but you're going to need a couple more power banks.


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Mar 18, 2018
Onda Cona
What happens if the sun dont shine, people?

Maybe good as an auxiliary but if one depends on power supply I woudnt put all eggs in that basket.
now, give me a stream of water that is lasting and dependable and i will build and electric dam and have all that water as reserve/backup potential power if stream freezes or wends away... just gotta redirect and kill all life forms downstream.

companies already using green energy!
I was surprised to open what I considered spam mail and it was an option to go "green" on electricity. Hmmm, I thought. maybe something to look into but that green energy source most times cause a lot of environmental damage as a byproduct.
Take electric cars. They need batteries... they don't just appear out of thin air, iirc. They also need to charge... where is that electricity coming from? Water, wind, coal, sun etc? How was the energy converted to create usable electric? All these questions and more. What a PITA it is to try to make informed, responsible decisions these days... things really are getting more complex and covered in stinking crap that has to be wiped away to see what lies beneath. WTF wants to dig trough a bunch of BS all their lives? Exacly what they want us to do; buy their products and don't ask question: They feed us the "answers" from start to make us feel like idiots if we wanna ask a question or look elsewhere for answers.
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