Camomile, spearmint, lemongrass, green tea.


Jan 26, 2015
Subject: MrAcid
Weight: 110lbs
Height: 5''5
Gender: Male

General drug tolerances: Benzodiazepines 150mg oxazepam (equal to 75mg valium) every 3-4 days, cannabis 3 years, lyrica 3 months every 5 days and general tolerance to downers.

Drug expericances: Almost every kind of psychoactive effect with different drugs for the same effect and sometimes even combinations of unusual effects. Only one not experianced yet is Anti-psychotic effect.

Substance consumed: Extract containing 7.5g of Camomile, 5g of Spearmint and 2.5g of Lemongrass; Green tea 1cup

T+20: Feeling mild stomach activation (didnt take it on completely empty stomach but close), still drinking green tea
T+45: Feeling mild anxiolytic and muscle relaxing effect.
T+90: Feeling the peak effect I figure, feeling like 1/4 if my usual dose of benzo but more muscle relaxing less amnesic and confusing. The bodyhigh feels more like cannabis than benzodiazepines tho. I guess NMDA antagonist activity is responsible for that. Slight painkilling activity and makes me more comfortable reporting my cannabis bowl.
T+120: Effect are as potent as in the beginning of the peak.
T+180: Starting to feel the effect vanishing, slowly regaining muscle tension and cramps.
T+210: Vaping cannabis and melting the effect into the High cannabis delivers.

Overall The effect was stronger than I thought. The combination felt like a mild benzo feeling adding some physical relaxing activity. I thought increasing the amount would increase the intensity but it rather added some extra effects, including physical relaxation and mild analgesia which I thought was produced by increased NMDA antagonist selectivity. I think apigenin works like alcohol; start by GABAa then as the dosage increase the NMDA antagonist activity does so too.

I would consider this as a good add to benzodiazepines for physical comfort and to increase the potency of benzodiazepines. Also good to replace them while trying to take a break from them. The lenght of the effect is disappointing tho.


Oct 3, 2014
United States
I think you got the placebo effect, because someone likely told you this stuff is psychoactive. As far as I know, none of these herbs are psychoactive. There are legal herbs that are psychoactive, but none of these are. The effects you felt were due to the placebo effect, which can be quite powerful in a way. It won't cause you to actually trip or get high, but you can become convinced that you experienced a "mild effect". You weren't high or anything off this stuff, you just thought you were. People aren't telling you this, because no one wants to break the news to you. Don't feel bad about it, as all of us are capable of experiencing the placebo effect. It's hardwired into the human brain. When drug trials are performed, they carefully design the study to ensure that the placebo effect will not occur. Drug companies go to great lengths to avoid this phenomena. In some studies, patients that are given a drug actually believe they are receiving sugar pills. That is how far some drug companies will go to prevent this effect, it is so well documented and powerful.