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Tryptamines Burning DMT


Moderator: SLR, DC
Staff member
Sep 28, 2019
So after some reading and experimentation it turns out you can use a Sweet Puff style meth pipe with the large carb hole and turn it into a mini version of the DMT machine.

Make a plug that will fit nicely into the carb hole from a stainless steel scouring pad (not fine steel wool, the kind that is kind of a mm wide strip. Burn off any coatings on the stainless steel with a torch first.

Place your DMT on the plug with the plug in the carb hole and apply enough indirect heat for the DMT to turn to oil and coat the SS plug. Plug too loose the oil will drip into your bowl. Plug to tight you wont be able to draw smoke on the next step.

While inhaling gently hit the bowl with your jet lighter (also gently - not even touching the glass). As the heat transfers to the plug the oliy DMT coating the plug will vape.

Suck it all in hard and hold.

It’s not the ideal mehod but easier than drilling holes in glass bottles to make a proper “machine”.