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Brugmansia (Angel Trumpet) For Shamans and Healers Only!


Sep 11, 2008
Brugmansia is an extremely potent antimuscarinic. I didn't know this at the time. I used to have a small brugmansia aurea tree in my backyard. They are everywhere in California. I was experimental to the extreme when I was in my early 20's, and curious about anything that grows and has psychedelic properties. I made a tea one day, from probably five large leaves. Not only was the dry mouth bad, but my piss was like mucous, thick and jelly-like. That scared me. But the scariest thing I've ever seen in my entire life was one of the first hallucinations I had on it, which was when I realized I had indeed taken enough. In fact this experience was the only time I've ever had true visual and auditory hallucinations of things which weren't there, instead of simply having versions of distorted perception as with other psychedelics:

Passing by my roommate's bedroom, I glanced in. On his bed was a strange man sitting upright, still and silent, looking back at me. I froze in the doorway staring back, as if locked into his pitiless empty gaze, as though I was being judged on a scale which held existence itself for counterweight. After no more than a few seconds his face "melted" away, rotting off his skull before me, in sickening detail, turning gruesome shades of green and brown and blue and crimson fading into black. I stood dumbly witnessing one hundred years of decay descend upon a stranger in a matter of seconds, paralyzed by fear as he came apart. It was like in Indiana Jones The Last Crusade when the guy 'chooses poorly' attempting to pick the Holy Grail, except it was as real as death itself.

There were evil raven-like birds, serpents, entire walls covered in spiders, all of which shadowed me throughout, with one or more present at all times. All of which are common, even ubiquitous visions according to historical account. I'd have to say the main theme was having the house to myself for the afternoon, but literally every few minutes breaking into conversation, thinking that someone in the other room had asked me a question and I'd gotten distracted but just remembered I needed to answer before they began to wonder if something was wrong with me. I'd break into a response as specific as any you might give a friend asking for your opinion on the current geopolitical climate or stem cell research. Someone had always 'just arrived' or was 'about to leave' so I kept saying things like "Oh hey! What's up? I didn't hear you come in," or "Alright, call me tomorrow when y'all go to the beach." Had an observer been present, I would've appeared to be an absolute lunatic in the throws of a full blown schizophrenic episode.

Not unlike what can happen with large doses of benzodiazepines, there was an amnestic-kind of effect where I kept forgetting I'd taken it at all. I'd be thinking it was a normal day until something would remind me how fucked up I was. Then I'd forget again almost instantly. The whole thing was extraordinarily bizarre and layered with confusion and disorientation. It had many elements of a lucid dream, but with malevolent nightmarish undertones. Very ominous and mysterious. If I had to choose one word to sum it up it would be: Dark. I imagine no other state of waking consciousness could be more like a dream. It was extremely reckless to arbitrarily consume the amount I took, and fortunately I didn't take more than I did because I might have ended up with a ruptured bladder or much worse. A friend of a friend while under the influence of Datura one night walked straight into some strangers' home raving incoherently about his car keys or some nonsense (his keys were in the ignition of his car, which he'd evidently pulled into their front yard, leaving the highbeams on, door ajar) and looking like a saucer-eyed mental patient. He frightened the hell out of the two young children living there. The family of course called the police, and he wouldn't speak when they arrived and kept asking him what he was on. He ended up strapped down in the hospital on 72 hour psych hold. I would not recommend such doses of these tropane alkaloids to anyone, unless you are a highly experienced and responsible psychonaut with a genuine intention to journey into a profoundly dark realm. It's meant to be used for therapeutic or Shamanic purposes only.