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Boofing, what are common mistakes?


Mar 3, 2015
Hello everyone,
I'm a new member but have been referring to Bluelight for some time now now.
Anyways I was wondering what are some common mistakes people make when boofing? I have read up on it and it seems as though there are many variables such as how much water should be used and how far it should go up.
It sounds like a great, safe alternative to other methods but then if you mess up.. That sucks because it's wasted. If anyone has any specific tips or advice I would appreciate it!


Mar 1, 2015
UK, England.
I personally wouldn't say it was "safer" as doing it that route the drugs seem to hit you harder.

What drug/s are you planning on using would be the main thing?

If you were to use that route, it would depend on what drug you were using and now much as to know how much water you'd have to use. Also, they do recommend that you push the syringe all the way in until the plunger as you need the drugs to be "higher up" to have any chance of being absorbed rather than just sitting in your anal cavity. Of course, for this you can use lube to insert the syringe.

Also, it's worth noting that most people need to use less than what they would normally take, say orally, as the drugs can seem more powerful even at lower doses.

It's also worth having a read of this thread: http://www.bluelight.org/vb/threads/247323-Anal-Administration-(Eneme-Plugging)-A-Complete-Guide?p=3954984#post3954984
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Bluelight Crew
Sep 21, 2013
It's definitely safer than the IM/IV route. There's not many ways to mess up as long as your sure your bowel is empty. I find plugging 10-15ml of warm salt water an effective way to induce a bowel movement if I'm having any doubts. There's no strict guideline on how much water to use, but 5ml seems to be sufficient for most substances.

I personally fill a 5ml syringe with warm water, add about 3-4ml to my tray with the power, stir, suck it all back up, and plug away. After this I fill my syringe with another 3ml, and repeat the process to pick up remnants left on the tray. I guess some pro-tips would be to use a smaller sized syringe, apply petroleum jelly (Vaseline) to the tip, and only go about 1.5-2 inches deep. You don't exactly need to violate yourself more than you need to.

I find rectal admin to be very useful in reducing bodyload while increasing positive effects with the benefit of not having to resort to needles, though it's also not as effective as IV/IM. Probably the best perk is not having to worry about stomach contents. You can eat a full meal and plug your dose right after with stronger effects than you would've gotten had you eaten your dose on an empty stomach.
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