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Game Bluelight Xmas gifts

Zopiclone bandit

Jan 25, 2018
As we are so kind on here & it's now so close to Xmas what would you buy for other BL members?
Be as kind or as savage as you want............

w01fg4ng - a t-shirt saying "Always the Princess never the queen" & some Pre-exposure prophylaxis meds

mal3volent - A bottle of the finest Bourbon whiskey I can find & a plane ticket to the UK so I can finally meet him (I really like this guy despite on paper I should hate him, over the last few months I've come to respect him more than 99.8% of you lot)

Lucy20 - Pink Hello Kitty knuckle dusters

Captain.Heroin - A ticket to go see Boris & Merzbow

AndyTurbo - A 1936 Harley-Davidson Knucklehead

Jose ribas da silva - Some ladyboy porn & a bag of coke

CoastTwoCoast - A rock album that opens gates ways to demons

Schizopath - The full recordings of Satanic Warmaster & a ticket to the UK so I can also finally meet him. A few kilograms of pure MDPV too as he said he wants to try it & I really like the guy

Xorkoth - The best Leica camera I can possibly afford ( or steal from their main London shop)

Zopiclone bandit

Jan 25, 2018
If anyone wants to get me a really sexy Syrian Kurdish woman I'll not say no btw, you may have noticed I have a slight "fetish" over these women by now.


Sr. Moderator: CEPS, TL, S&G
Staff member
Jun 6, 2011
You stole my wrapping paper and cards! I've been looking for that shit!

For Mal:
From: SantaJahs

is it in bad taste to wrap wrapping paper and cards? Oh Well...
You said to use your format so I did

Thanks for the dick I'll put it with the others