Bluelight: We are not about 'sourcing drugs'

The Journal of Substance Use recently published a paper which represented the international harm reduction community as a website used for sourcing drugs.

Yet this article’s conclusions were based only on two case studies, with no attempt to review the existing literature regarding Bluelight. Many in this community would be aware of these studies which show that most people come here to learn how to use drugs more safely, that our members actively disseminate information to warn people of highly dangerous adulterated drugs, and that we regularly collaborate with researchers to provide a leading-edge source of data for monitoring new drug trends. Bluelight is regularly cited as a valued source of harm reduction information for people who use drugs.

Bluelight goes to great lengths to avoid hosting discussions about drug sources. Moderators delete all discussions that could be related to sourcing drugs as quickly as they can.

Our response to this journal article has recently been published in the Journal of Substance Use.

We would like to remind all our members that sourcing discussion is strictly prohibited, as per our User Agreement.

We would also like to address all journalists, researchers and others who may wish to write about Bluelight or are considering utilizing Bluelight content. We are excited that you are interested in what we do. We respectfully request that you contact us directly to get our perspective if you are writing about us. We also direct you to our User Agreement which also governs your use of our website. Importantly, you are not permitted to re-purpose or re-use our content. Please contact us to discuss your proposal or project.