Bluelight Remembers Ryan Haight, Launch of the Recovery forums

Dear Bluelighters,

As some of you may remember, February 12th is the twelfth anniversary of the passing of one of our own. To most it will be remembered as the first day "Bluelight went black." To those of us who knew Ryan Haight (a.k.a Quicksilver) it is also the day we lost a friend.

The impact of Ryan's life and untimely death have echoed forward in the passage of the Ryan Haight Internet Pharmacy Consumer Protection Act of 2008, signed into law by President G.W. Bush in October of the same year. In honor of Ryan, Bluelight is proud to announce the launch of a new collection of forums designed to support sober living, and provide help to those struggling with drug use. The Recovery Forums will be launched shortly, and represent a reaffirmation of Bluelight's mission of drug-related harm reduction.

For those of you who knew Ryan, please take a moment in your day to honor his memory. We hope you'll stop in the Recovery Forums and share your thoughts and wisdom in the coming days.


Sebastians_Ghost & TheLoveBandit