bluelight featured in article on web resources for drug users

Vice magazine recently interviewed bluelight owner, Sebastians_Ghost for as piece on how internet communities are increasingly serving as sources of information for a wide spectrum of drug users: In a World of Opiate Addicts, the Internet Plays Doctor and Therapist

Notoriety can be a double edged sword. As most everyone in the drug community knows. Fuck yeah though BLUE LIGHT.
vice magazine recently interviewed bluelight owner, sebastians_ghost for as piece on how internet communities are increasingly serving as sources of drugs: In a World of Opiate Addicts, the Internet Plays Doctor and Therapist


Nice! Ill give it a read.
I skimmed the article and found it pretty unbiased, and it's true; tbh I'd research forums such as BL and Opiophile for real advice on drug issues-I'd only approach a doctor in an emergency. As the article pointed out, there's a great deal of bias towards the drug addict, particularly in the UK. Another reason these types of forums are so important is because of the RC scene, or "internet drugs", as I call them; every single addiction-specialist doctor I've brought these types of drug up with hasn't had a frigging clue what they were, despite their so-called expertise. IMO it's crucial to have a lot of solid information on drugs like these, otherwise HR is just gonna be very difficult, if not impossible.
This seemed like a very positive article for the most part, which is surprising because they're the ones who made oxycontin express and gateway to heroin. That's really cool. Fuck yeah bluelight!
What the article unfortunately leaves out (and Alasdair was far too modest to mention) is that Alasdair and I were both interviewed for this piece, together. As Bluelight's Director of Public Relations, Alasdair's far better suited for this sort of thing and I truly appreciate his support both in preparation for and during the interview.

Alasdair and I agree with what many of you have already said, the article comes across balanced, truthful and sincere. From our perspective, that's all we could ask for, and our hope is Bluelight's message of harm reduction through education will resonate with Vice's readership and beyond.

Please join me in thanking Ali as well as Brad Burge of Brad was kind enough to make the connection between Bluelight and VICE, and played a significant role in facilitating the interview.


Yeah Vice has a large readership. That article can end up doing great things for us, increasing BL awareness and our user base a good amount.
Alasdair is a truly amazing asset here at Bluelight. As a former moderator, senior moderator and administrator and as Director of Public Relations, he brings integrity and unruffled calm to everything he does. He is admired for his perception, his calm listening skills and his fairness in all his roles at Bluelight. I'm sure that he brought all that plus humor, wit and poise to the interview. Thanks, Ali.
great news!

although I feel like as the most popular internet drug message board, we should have had a little more face-time

can't complain too much, is our target demographic, for sure
a fantastic and infomative article; and excellent media exposure for bluelight.

way to go sg and ali :D

Nice to see Bi11i mentioned, although they left out my favorite (now defunct) site of his The OG's of online opiate discussion!
I like the balance Bluelight is able to maintain between helping those who need it and educating the mainstream public, parents and law enforcement. Delicate and well done.
Nice to see Bluelight on Vice. I've enjoyed reading/watching Vice for quite sometime now. Really interesting to know that we have 100k visitors a day.
does this make bluelight by affiliation, gay and hipster?

fk me, going to have to cut down on my time here
Fuck yeah bluelight! Good to see harm reduction coming more and more into the light across the country, for example, more good samaritan laws have been passed this year.