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Bluelight Census 2018

Global Drug Survey has partnered with Bluelight to create a sample of people who reported using Bluelight in the last 7 days.
This report is based on the data from 1480 people who used Bluelight in the last 7 days and completed GDS up to and including questions about novel substance use.
The survey was live in November-December 2017.

Summary of results:
  • Most Bluelighters (70% ) come from English-speaking countries (US, UK, Australia, Canada)
  • Bluelighters are typically young 'white' males (median age 20, 84% male, 88% 'White')
  • Over half of Bluelighters are currently studying (56% )
  • A quarter (24% ) have completed a university qualification
  • Half (51% ) report being in paid employment, including 28% that work full-time
  • 20% report their occupation as 'professional'
  • Almost half (45% ) report 'never' going clubbing
  • Lifetime drug use rates include 94% cannabis, 71% LSD and 68% MDMA
  • Lifetime use of prescription benzodiapines (64% ) and opioids (60% ) is significant
  • Lifetime rates of novel drug use are high, e.g. LSD analogues (21% ), novel benzos (21% )
  • Clearnet forums (such as Bluelight) are used extensively for harm reduction information
  • Almost all Bluelighterswho reported trying MDMA for the first time in the last 12 months used Bluelight to research MDMA beforehand
Limitations: the sample may not be representative of the Bluelight population and the results rely on accuracy of self-report.

Read/download the full report attached (PDF format):

Thanks to all of the community members who took the time to complete this survey.
Thanks also to Global Drug Survey for partnering with Bluelight in 2018.
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Thankyou for doing this. When do you think you you'll take another? There was a mention of an influx of new users since then, so 2021 might be a good time to canvas again.