Bipolar type 2 and cyclothymia


Nov 19, 2018
I am on the bipolar spectrum and more likely these two.
CBD Helps me loads shame its expensive here in the uk and got t o watch what you get.
Im on lamotrogine150mg a day, Quetiapine extended 200mg and instant 50mg for sleep.
I also on 15mg diazepam a day and 600mg pregabalin and 50mg oxycontin which im tapering.

My moods are shit atm, I feel better going for a walk but just cba, amino acids help loads but somedays i cba to evenw ash the pots just sit here on laptop.
I went in a massive depressive state fucked my teeth up look like I been smoking crack ive smoked crack once.

I also have traits of personality disorder been smoking 3g of weed a day but tapering to 2g and then hopefully tenners worth a day and maybe hopefully nothing but oxy abuse needs to stop.

the problem is oxy does send me bit loopy high doses but it also makes me motivated and want to do things, i swear I got adhd aswell as I did get diagnosed with dyspraxia as younger have trouble with co ordination and balance.
L tyrosine helps em but if I take a big dose I get manic, even vitamin b can send me hypomanic.
Just a rant post who else has bipolar spectrum or full bipolar and what do you do to help yourself.

I try and play video games like runescape but i constantly have to switch what I am doing.,


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Jul 2, 2008
I mean I can least say that the weed probably isn't helping you. In all probability it's making things worse, especially if a doctor thought you needed to be on this dose of Serquel.

Now this is just one man's opinion, but I have heard a doctor state that Valium can cause a deep depression in the long-term. Pregabalin can be experienced in various manners.

It sounds like a little bit of a liability that you're both depressed and are getting high from your pain medication. If you're depressed, you might relate that to your provider. But if its because you're always sitting around, well that isn't so abnormal. We stay sedentary too long without exercising, we get depressed. You're not alone in that factor. It's the experience of just about everyone if they don't move around enough. It's those of us with the will to persevere and become ever better that will take this situation and enact some changes to it.

Start small, but at least start, to exercise. Maybe begin with a 15-minute walk. After a month, it's basically habit.

Video games can be a decent coping mechanism unless it's significantly hampering the important functions of the day. I don't mean to be rude, but you shower, wear clean clothes, and wash your clothes, right?

Socialization, in person, is very important to us as living beings. Without enough of it, we also get depressed.

So if you know what makes you hypomanic, you report it to the doc and don't do whatever causes it, right?


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Nov 18, 2008
On a sinking boat
Tapering opiates is the big variable in this to me. Tapering will make you feel anxious tired depressed and just generally awful. I would suggest holding off on any more med changes until you either taper off the oxy or get to a stable dose for at least a week.

Your on a big combo of drugs. It may take some time and alot of work with your provider to sort this out. Try to be patient with the process.

In the meantime update this thread with how your doing day to day as kind of a journal of your journey. It might give you some insight and allow us to give better advice