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Bill HB 187 Limit smoking accesories in Florida Shops


Aug 28, 2009
The bill is before the Florida house of Representitves and it would ban the sale of smoking pipes and related products in stores that make less than 75% of their annual revenue from the sale of tabacco products.

Do any other states have rules like this? Do you think the bill will pass?


House Bill 187 is before the Florida House of Representatives, and awaits action from the Criminal & Civil Justice Policy Council. This bill aims to prohibit the sale of all pipes and other related devices in stores that receive fewer than 75% of their annual revenue from the sale of tobacco products. A similar bill, SB 366, has been introduced in the Senate. SB 366 is awaiting action by the Policy & Steering Committee on Ways and Means.

Passage of HB 187 or SB 366 will waste tax payer dollars and law enforcement resources which could be better allocated to combating violent crime. The restrictions in these bills impose unnecessary hardships on both the retailers and consumers. HB 187 and SB 366 would only serve to weaken local business and destroy job opportunities for small businesses.

Please take a moment today to contact your Representatives and urge them to oppose House Bill 187 and Senate Bill 366. If your elected officials sit on either the Criminal & Civil Justice Policy Council or the Policy & Steering Committee on Ways and Means, then it is especially important that they hear from you. For your convenience, a pre-written letter will be e-mailed to your state representatives when you enter your contact information below.
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Aug 14, 2006
Great florida, nice step backwards with marijuana reform, meanwhile a REAL problem remains untouched as those little plastic roses in the glass tubes will still be behind the counter next to the chore boy in gas stations all across your crack and meth flooded state. Way to protect the people from mean old devil weed though.


Nov 28, 2008
Obama's election radicalized the Floridian congress. Only Pennsylvania has added more prisoners than Florida since December of 2008 (according to Pew). The state is having to cut medical spending on children in order to fund its bloated penal system.


Jan 28, 2007
its just a matter of time before this whole country becomes a shit place. A prison nation that will lock up 50% of the US population for non-violent crimes.. We (20 some year olds) need to get involved in politics and take back our country for the sake of all of our futures..