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Opioids Best Route of Administration and Bioavailiablity of Oxycodone from the HR Standpoint


Aug 10, 2015
I do alot of reasearch about prescription medications and to be frank i am very knowaladgeable on the subject. I have a lot of disabilitating medical conditions and have never been one to just trust that the doctor won't miss anything when they are plowing people in and out of their offices lika a god damn cannabis dispensary. I am a chronic pain paitent and have never been one to care about the warnings on the bottle regarding crushing, chewing up, and/ or smoking, snorting or plugging..........and a few times even shooting prescription medication. Literally only like twice I shot some dillies in one day but thats besides the point. I'd imagine shooting up dillies for some people has to be epic because I have seen way to many good reports from users and the scientific information backs this up. However I do not at all ever think I.V. use is worth it, not only because of the huge risks of infection and "getting hooked on using the needle" it will ruin your life and reputation and most people that go that route never come back. Period. That being said, let me give you an example of a prescription medication which truely is being wasted without using street methods of admininstratoin.

Above I mentioned Dilaudid and the reason I did because it truely is being wasted in a major way just swallowing it. Bioavailability of dilaudid (hydromorphone) Is about 30% when swallowed, about 4o% when insuffulated, 50 to 90% % when administered rectially(AKA Plugged) and of course 100% when administered via I.V. like most substances. However, you also get a large percentage of binders and fillers and is terrible for your body, especially if your not using micron filters...........so as you can see even with the "most" sought after pill for I.V. use....if you learn a bit about plugging and administering it properly you really not missing out much from the I.V. because just like I.V. you skip first pass metabolism, get a bit less of a rush however it lasts longer. So as you can see Hydromorphone is really being wasted if your not at the very least insuffulating it or plugging it. I can tell you from first hand experience that going the I.V. route is a waste of time...........the little bit you gain injecting it vs plugging it is definately not worth the slightly better rush and destruction to your veins. So that being said for the sake of reference to the title of the tread............here's the low down on administering Oxycodone.

Regarding oxycodone instant release tablets with or without tylenol, the oral bioavailiability is rather high, about 95% If they do not have tylenol insuffulation (sniffing) the crushed pills is also very effective with a bioavailiability of about 85 percent with a faster onset, better rush, yet a shorter duration. I decided to post this today because I have seen a lot of bad information lately regarding smoking oxycodone off foil, and people going back and forth about how I.V use would be safer and/or healtier than smoking them. Another common one I have been seeing is that you CANNOT smoke oxycodone via vaporizing off of foil or even with a glass dope pipe. It very well can be smoked off foil and I can assure you it does work, however your wasting a huge amount of the medication and once again not worth it. You basically have to crush it up and vaporize the powder, which is comparable to snorting it but I can guarantee you the bioavliability varies and your surely buring up some of the good stuff. If you insist on vaporizing oxycodone IR's off foil the best way to do it is the break the pill into 4 pieces, drop a dab of honey (preffered) or e-cigarrette vapor fluid onto your foil, put one of the quarters in the small dab and heat for a second so that it somewhat mixes up. After you do this a few times with a little practice you can chase the dragon just like black tar H or the old school OC's, and judging but the trail left behind your getting a lot less crap in your lungs cause your not just torching powder. And for people to reccomend IV use of anything..........period..............especially to folks that clearly have no idea about the SCIENTIFIC FACTS regarding prescription pain medications is ignorant and far from a focus of HARM REDUCTION. I dont understand how people engage so carelessly in these extremely risky behaviors, without as much as doing a ten minute internet search to learn about the best routes of administration (ROA's), Bioavailiabilites (BA's) and pro and cons of such methods. Coming from a Chronic Pain Paitent, please folks..........take the extra time to learn about what your doing to your body before its too late.