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beauty is only under the skin.


Oct 4, 2001
Bowling Green, KY USA
20 Bucks
Soaring like helicopters that fall from trees
I sit in a purple lit room
The strobe light and techno music control my body
as i feel things that I have never felt before
Touching is like a new form of language
Words are needed no more
And backrubs make up for all the orgasms i may never have
I feel as though i will feel this way for an eternity
And everything that once caused pain no longer matters
Im happy and feel as though living is possible
And life and everything in itself is bueatiful
To think this amount of happiness could be bought for 20 bucks
There is only one word to describe the way i feel
as complexities become simplexities
the swrils of a technicolored table are speaking
everything that meant so much, now nothing at all
The fear im not here sometimes is overwhelming
and to grasp my own arm for reassureance doesn't always work
My brain aches and bleeds
but my thoughts and sights amazing
everything is funny and simple
and the designs dance and breathe
they are alive, but are we?
there are so many things we do
just to feel we are living.
Something in the word is different
or is it only me?
I want to feel the beat of the music
Pulse through my body like a wave against rocks
I want to hear ten thousand sounds all at once
And be able to think of the bueaty of it all
I want to see imagese dance around in my mind
See the wall breathe with life
Redeem myself from all that is fake
Feel the reality of everything that surrounds me
Connect my mind with others and understand
I want to understand
i want to trip
what is emptiness?
ive never understood
wrapped up in complete ignorance
my body as my shield
from things i did not make sense of
just played along with the world
human "nature"
or is it habit?
well either way
i was a fool and part of it
but it was better to be a part of
than to be alone
like here
like now


Mar 27, 2000
that was amazing! it described so many feelings and emotions that i know many of us have definetly experienced in our lives thus far! good job!
before love there are
memories of innonence.
after there are none...