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Story Bad CEOs / Atrophic Bad Joke


Nov 6, 2015
Severn Beach, UK
I am obsessed with squirrels and my flat looks onto a squrrel run amongst some trees. I enjoy putting food out for the squirrels such as nuts.

I bought a pack of mixed nuts yesterday and noticed when I got home, on the front of the pack it says "how do you get a squirrel down from a tree?"

A few hours later I was looking at the back of the pack, and I saw the full joke.....

"how do you get a squirrel down from a tree?"
"pull down your pants and show it your nuts"

Thinking this a poor joke, I assumed the CEO of the company was a poor CEO. I was then attacked psychically (I assume by the CEO or some other employee of the company), and it was explained that the joke was aimed at me. The explanation was this -

"pull down your pants and show it your nuts - from your living room window. the squirrel will die and fall from the tree"

a few seconds later.....

"actually, he wouldn't be able to see your penis. he would be fine"

Bad CEOs ain't that bad? Any thought??