AUS: Melbourne baby murderer's jail term revealed


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May 20, 2009

A Melbourne ice user who murdered his girlfriend's baby boy in a "ferocious, brutal and sickening attack" has been jailed for 34 years, it can now be revealed.

Dwayne Lindsey, 35, killed six-month-old Chayse Dearing at a home in Glenroy in June 2016 while the child's mother, Michelle, was out shopping.

Lindsey launched the fatal assault after using ice and having not slept in days.

He was later found guilty by a Supreme Court jury of murder and in May this year was jailed for 34 years with a non-parole period of 27 years.

Justice Stephen Kaye said the attack on Chayse was "vicious and violent" and left the child with catastrophic head injuries and many other injuries to his face and body.

"Those injuries in combination bear the hallmarks of a ferocious, brutal and sickening attack inflicted by you on a defenceless, harmless and innocent baby," the judge said, in sentencing.

But these facts could not be reported until this afternoon, when a County Court judge lifted a non-publication order.

The suppression order had been in place because Lindsey was charged with assaulting another victim and a fair trial needed to be ensured.

However prosecutors discontinued that case today.