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As medicine rediscovers magic mushrooms, a Montreal clinic says there's no time to waste


Jun 28, 2010
your mind
MONTREAL -- Researchers think magic mushrooms will be the future of health care. But how easily and fast regular people will be able to use them is another question -- one a Montreal organization wants to see solved quickly.

“The fact is that a lot of these substances are really safe from a physiological perspective, and even from a psychological perspective,” said Andrew Rose of Mindspace, a mental health-care provider with offices in Westmount, the Plateau and downtown.

“It’s certainly safer than alcohol and a lot of prescription medication that’s out there."

There is increasing evidence that the active ingredient in magic mushrooms, called psilocybin, has major health benefits for people with severe treatment-resistant depression, PTSD, and addictions.

A lot of change is suddenly happening behind the scenes, if not yet at your local pharmacy, and a few organizations such as Mindspace are at the forefront of the push.

Contiue reading: https://montreal.ctvnews.ca/as-medi...linic-says-there-s-no-time-to-waste-1.5198281
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