Arts and Crafts Dealing With Hydromorphone (Dilaudid®, Hydal®, Hydrostat®, Exalgo®)


Apr 18, 2019
There is at least one song written about Dilaudid® which I think is by the Radioactive Billy Goats or something similar. For some reason, the Depeche Mode song "The Sweetest Perfection" put an image in my head of hydromorphone in a fraction of a second.

I know three ladies who have jewelry based on Dilaudid® tablets, specifically the 8 mg triangle tablets from Abbott I think it is and a 4 mg from Knoll; platinum, gold, and silver charm bracelets, necklaces, and a ring. Someone took styrofoam balls and dyed them a few different colours and used them along with pipe cleaners and toothpicks to make morphine, codeine, heterocodeine, hydromorphone, nicomorphine, pethidine, piritramide, and dipipanone molecules as Christmas tree ornaments. It looks like Erowid contracts with a glassblower to provide glass molecules as premiums for contributors to the World Wide Web site and off-line work.

I am on a committee of an organisation which does pro bono writing and research work for the chronic pain patient/doctor/apothecary movement and one collaborator is the small local band known as the Lords of Anticholinergics and opined the following at a drinking party which myself and many others and several organisations sponsored for the 25th anniversary of the World Health Organisation declaration that pain relief is a basic human right. They did a little ditty of which I publish the lyrics:

Welcome To Hydromorphone City v 1.3
(public domain)
By the Lords of Anticholinergics with acknowledgement to the Angry Samoans
Bern . 8. February 2002

Sciatica shoots down your behind
You know it really isn't fine
The right tool for the job is nigh at hand
Too bad that compassion is almost banned

Hydromorphone: up the ass
Hydromorphone shelved by a lass
Hydromorphone: Knoll's Holy Grail
Hydromorphone: it hits the nail

Hydrogenated ketone it is
It does not put morphine in your piss
Hydroxylate at point 14
Of German opioids it is the Queen!

Hydromorphone: 1 and 2
Hydromorphone 3, 4, and 8 tabs for you
Hydromorphone bigger way back when
Tabs 16, 32, and 64 -- not just 10

Itty bitty pills and brown glass phials
It demolishes pain for a decent while
Suppositories for your bum
If you may think that route is fun

Hydromorphone: beloved HP
Hydromorphone: works for me
Hydromorphone up the nose
Hydromorphone -- its reputation grows

Don't like shit that doesn'r work
Too bad Uncle Sam's a jerk
Hydromorphone -- subtle but strong
Hydromorphone -- healing's not wrong!

Hydromorphone -- German engineers
Hydromorphone -- on top for years
Hydromorphone -- the people's choice
Hydromorphone -- get back your voice

Hydromorphone: Dillies and Hydal
Hydromorphone: and that's not all
Hydromorphone: syrup and HP
Hydromorhone loved by me


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Nov 3, 2008
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