Artist musician cancer survivor


Dec 7, 2018
Hello. I am LarryL. I am in the midwest U.S. and am an established painter and performing musician. Diagnosed and successfully treated for lung cancer earlier this year, I got a lot of hydrocodone which helped the pain and which i also really enjoyed. Hydrocodone has helped me cope with significant arthritis, back problems and pain associated with a severely dislocated shoulder several years back. It has also helped me cope with life and also to create art and music more freely. I am afraid of my increasing use of hydocodone however. Somehow I want to ride this horse but not go over a cliff. i am here to learn and to interact with like minded people..


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Aug 8, 2018
New England
Welcome to Bluelight LarryL - glad to have you with us :)

At some point, too much of anything becomes counter productive. I can understand the worry of over doing it, and commend you for wanting to learn. Hopefully about harm reduction and tapering, or at least medication management. But that's up to you to decide. I too, want you to ride the horse and stay on the cliff.

What instrument do you play? I was a drummer for a long time. Such a good release of energy!

My shoulders pop out too. Both of them. A couple times it happened in my sleep from putting my arm under the pillow, and I woke up with a dislocation. Putting it back in is quite a pain.

Anyway, I hope you learn whatever you desire, and trust me, you'll find like minded people. If not today, tomorrow. Quite a diverse group with one thing, at least, in common.

Peace LarryL.