Benzos Are You Getting Screwed by Less Potent Generic Benzos Like I Am?

jai guru deva

Apr 14, 2019
This is something I wish more people talked about. Not ALL brands of the same type of benzo work the same, and while I know pharmacies are in the business of turning a profit, it'd be nice if they could give patients a heads up that they're switching their reliable meds to dirt cheap Indian placebos, BEFORE we get our script filled.

Thanks for bearing with me, I'm a little pissed of right now because my pharmacy (rhymes with White-Fade) decided to switch my lorazapam from Watson to some junk company called Aurolife, which I found out has a freaking alias because they're embarrassed of their dummy pills, or trying to avoid scrutiny. They're also known by Aurobindo.

Has anyone had experience with the Aurolife brand? I knew they were bunk as soon as I opened the bottle, and saw the U33 imprint, felt how cheap and crumbly they felt, and ate one WITH ZERO EFFECT TO BE HAD.

I was prescribed lorazapam for sleep, and took 2 mg before bed, and 2 mg at noon or so, so now I've diving off 4 mg, which isn't the worst wd in the world, but dammit, I'm tired of getting screwed by some pharmacist because he ordered Aurolife junk pills from India, instead of something with the actual active ingredient. Aurolife pills are all binder and filler, no therapeutic medication. Their employee profile on Glassdoor even has workers saying Aurolife doesn't practice quality control, is a shit company, and each batch of medication turns out different- no standards.

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.


Bluelight Crew
Dec 9, 2012
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junk company called Aurolife, which I found out has a freaking alias. They're also known by Aurobindo
Aurolife is a 100% owned subsidiary of Aurobindo Pharma USA Inc (APUSA) and is part of $700+ million strong Aurobindo group of companies.
Aurolife has 100,000 square feet state-of-the-art US FDA approved cGMP compliant manufacturing facility
While generics can vary in binders/fillers composition there are strict rules and I don't think that they sell bunk pills. Placebo (in in this case Nocebo) can play a role in how you feel.
But if you really think that the generic isn't working you can always talk to your doctor/pharmacist :)