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Any multi-vitamin supplements out there on STEROIDS? I'll explain..


Mar 21, 2013
East County
I'm looking for a multi-vitamin but a supplement with almost everything you need in one bottle kinda like the animal paks. So you're basically getting multi-vitamins plus minerals plus fish oil, sun chlorella, beet root, cq10, Mucuna pruriens, and other awesome shit.. if I lost anyone I apologize.. just looking for something a little extra! Yes my diet is in check and I work out 5 times a week. Basically been clean off drugs for almost 4 months now and just looking for some vitamins to get my body back to normal. I detoxed and have been going to N/A. I just got fed up with being paranoid and suicidal all the time and coming on here to post depressing shit about killing myself but I was freaking out about quitting meth cold turkey but I'm glad I finally just gave myself the chance to do it because that shit was literally killing me. It's garbage and I don't wish addiction on anyone. My skins clearing up but I still want to have better skin so if anyone knows of any other supplements I don't know about or something that has a fuck ton of supplements in one let me know! Kinda like how they have Orange Triad.. that shit was great for joints and as an immune system booster I loved it.. so I'm looking for something like that.. thanks guys/gals. Hope everyone is doing good! I'll try to come on here more often just been busy with work and foster care. Got this 11 year old angel that makes each day brighter! I'll be in touch!


Mar 12, 2019
Go to GNC and get a bottle of VitaMans .. or VitaWomans depending on which you are. Dont think they have actual steroids in them, but I have felt like Im on steroids sometimes after taking them


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May 15, 2011
Yup. A good diet is going to matter a lot more than fancy supplements. You don't really need vitamins unless you're deficient in something.